Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has come to the aid of an ailing journalist who is corona positive as his mother-in-law and father-in-law both lost their lives within a week due to Covid-19. Journalist Ajay Jha posted a video of his suffering and was promptly responded by Rahul Gandhi who shared the video, saying, "For the millions of my sisters and brothers like Ajay, we share your pain. We will do everything to protect you."

rahul gandhi
Rahul Gandhi took a swipe at Amit Shah, saying "everyone knows the reality of the borders".Twitter

Rahul instructed party men to help Jha 

"We will overcome this together," added Rahul Gandhi and instructed his party men to get in touch with Jha to provide as much help as possible.

After Rahul Gandhi's tweet, the Delhi government sprung into action. A health ministry team and area MLA Dileep Pandey are now in touch with Jha's family.

Jha in a heartbreaking video said, he needs help as his wife and two daughters are also Covid positive. "My wife's father died and two days ago, her mother also died in this house. The body was kept for a long time, but no one picked it up," he said in the video.

Jha works in a digital channel and earlier he worked with many news channels and news wire agencies.