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Raai Laxmi aka Lakshmi Rai is reportedly fuming over reports which claim that she is pregnant. She has expressed anguish over people who are spreading such speculations.

"Few people have made it their job to talk nonsense and spread the rumours about me. I did have multiple love affairs and break-ups but that doesn't mean you can interpret me as you wish," India Today quoted her as saying.

Raai Laxmi believes that someone is spreading the news of her pregnancy upon seeing her eating raw mangoes. The actress would be forced to take legal action to stop such rumours. 

In another interview, while talking about casting couch, Raai Laxmi claimed that she never had such experience. "I entered the industry easily and struggled a lot thereafter. That is because people misguided me. I feel there are lots of good people in the industry," she said.

Talking about her relationships, the actress revealed, "I never said I did not have a relationship. I have been through lots of relationships. I still want to be in a relationship. Life continues as such. We all get married one day and have family."

The glamorous actress claims that she never hid her relationship although she had never spoken about in public. On the professional front, her upcoming movies are: Where Is The Venkatalakshmi and a sequel to Julie.

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