Queen's guardsmen jailed for partying
Queen's guardsmen jailed for partyingWikimedia

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been mostly staying in the Windsor castle. Extra precautions were in place to protect the Royal family from contracting the virus. While the servants would take turns, the Queen's Guardsmen were considered a single household - meaning they weren't allowed to meet anyone including their families, to protect the royals.

But thirteen soldiers who guard Windsor Castle and protect the Queen were arrested after they threw a rave party near the castle. The Queen's Guards have been handed a tough prison sentence for breaking the COVID-19 lockdown rules and mingling with the public during the booze-filled party in June.

Guardsmen face charges

Queen Elizabeth II
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According to The Mirror, 16 Welsh Guardsmen were charged and three of them are to face a military summary hearing this week. They are all serving in 1st Battalion, guarding the Queen and executing ceremonial duties at the palace. According to the report, four Guardsmen tested positive for cocaine.

The soldiers were sentenced last week after their Commanding Officer interrogated them. They have been sentenced to 14 to 28 days jail time at the military's Glasshouse prison in Colchester. As for those who tested positive for cocaine will be relieved from their duties once the sentence is served. The guards' half-month salaries will also be docked as a part of their punishment.

"We are proud of our Armed Forces for the support they have provided the NHS in response to Covid-19, but we demand the highest standards of behaviour from all of our personnel. Following a breach in social distancing by several Welsh Guardsmen, an investigation was conducted and the incident has been dealt with internally," British Army spokesman was quoted as saying.