"Quantico" pretended to almost reveal the actual bomber in the mid-season finale "Inside", but not only did it get us more confused, now it looks like when the show returns on Sunday, 6 March, we will be more in the dark than we were so far. It has been officially announced that "Quantico" will have taken a three-month time jump when it returns with Season 1 Episode 12.

It is now confirmed that we will see the unraveling of what has happened since the second bomb blast, much like we saw the Quantico past being revealed bit by bit in the first half. It is safe to assume Alex (Priyanka Chopra) will be exonerated since the blast happened when she was supposedly in FBI custody. It will still be amazing to track down the real killer; we only hope "Quantico" will not pull a "Pretty Little Liars" on us and make us wait for five years before revealing the real terrorist.

However, the mid-season finale did leave a tiny clue most fan theorists seem to have missed: Why were Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) and his ex-wife Hannah (Eliza Coupe) undercover at the New Year party hosted by the Haases? In "Inside", Alex and Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta) had gone along with Caleb (Graham Rogers) and girlfriend Shelby (Johanna Braddy) to his parents' party.

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There, Alex met Hannah, an agent who she immediately felt inspired by, only to learn she is the ex-wife of Ryan. Later, Ryan explained to her they work together because they make a great team, and they are on an undercover mission at the Haas household.

Quite a few things happened later, which distracted viewers from this information: Caleb's mother Claire Haas (Marcia Cross) announced she was running for senate, Caleb told his father she is only getting back together with him to advance in her career, Shelby broke up with Caleb after learning that Caleb doesn't think of consequences when he does what he thinks is right, Hannah told Alex to leave Ryan alone and Alex went on a late-night car ride with Liam (Josh Hopkins).

Considering the show is "Quantico", we definitely cannot write off Ryan and Hannah's undercover project as coincidence. In fact, Ryan may be pretending to help Alex because he knows his ex-wife did the crime and he wants to protect her, what with them still being best friends and all?

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