"Quantico" has been airing one thrilling episode after another since its premiere in September 2015, and still managed to outshine all of them with a spectacular mid-season finale. Season 1 Episode 11 titled "Inside" proved that no matter how sure we are about the identity of the real bomber, "Quantico" will find a way to throw you off.

We were led to the closest we have ever been to identifying the "Quantico" NAT associated with the Grand Central bombers, and that was Elias (Rick Cosnett). But although he admited to working for the terrorists, according to the events of "Inside" he was only a pawn in their master-plan.

All that the attorney was designated to do, was to set Simon (Tate Ellington) up. Even if he did know anything more than what he revealed in "Inside", guilt and fear of what was to become of him drove him to commit suicide.

The FBI diffusers, however, ended up preventing the second bomb set up at the the hotel where the Democratic delegates are staying from going off, only to realise there was a third one hidden in the command centre and that it detonated just when every one was beginning to sigh in relief. We did get a new name to add to the list of potential bombers though, and that is Caleb's (Graham Rogers) doppelganger Mark Raymond.

He is seen depositing money in the same bank that went on to become the emergency command centre after the Grand Central bombing; not to forget, he asked for the biggest locker available, which is always an ominous sign. However, introduction of Mr Raymond may just be a typical "Quantico" misdirection, because there are still people in the unknown that have just come to the picture.

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Namely, Ryan's (Jake McLaughlin) ex-wife Hannah (Eliza Coupe) and Shelby's fake sister who was exposed by Caleb a couple of episodes back. From how Hannah has been introduced in the show, she only seems like an over-protective friend to Ryan who calls a spade, spade. Her character so far has not given off any terrorist vibes.

As Priyanka Chopra explains to TV Guide, "She (Alex) thinks Hannah is amazing because she has her dream job and her husband in Ryan. It's so convoluted. It will always be awkward between Alex and Hannah. Hannah is extremely protective of Ryan and that will come into play at some point." However, that seems to be the end to Hannah's villainy; having everything Alex wants.

Shelby's mysterious sister on the other hand has played a long con on her for so long, and how she cat-fished Shelby in all that time will be revealed in the coming episodes. Much like her other cast members, her past will be explored too, and audience will get to see if her "sister" was part of a terrorist organisation or was simply interested in conning money out of rich Americans.

More updates on the upcoming episodes of "Quantico" starting Season 1 Episode 12 will be published here, so do not forget to check back.