After an intense set of episodes that led us to believe that there is another bomb waiting to explode in New York City, "Quantico" has gone on a mid-season break. However, the NATs and fans were shocked to learn that there were not two, but three bombs planted by the terrorists.

In the previously aired Season 1 Episode 11 "Inside" we saw the FBI defusing the bomb planted in the hotel where the Democratic conference is being held, only to find out that there is another bomb that has just exploded in a neighbouring building. Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Vasquez (Anabelle Acosta) track Simon (Tate Ellington) believing he may be the terrorist after all, and find him battered and tied to a chair, with a detonator taped to his hand.

Elias (Rick Cosnett) had led the NATs to Simon, and reiterated that the bomb expert was behind the attacks. However, Simon figures out the truth and warns Elias that unless he admits to his part in the bombing, he would press the detonator and end it all.

Elias admits that he was blackmailed into framing Simon, but swears that he does not know anything about the actual terrorists before committing suicide by jumping off of a window. Ecstatic at the knowledge of having saved New York, the NATs were just leaving the building when they see a bomb exploding in the neighbouring building.

We are still nowhere close to pointing at the real terrorist, but Episode 11 did feature a flashback where Caleb (Graham Rogers) is seen looking for the largest vault close to grand central station. Caleb does have a history of getting caught up in his beliefs and forcing it on others, as Shelby (Johanna Braddy) pointed out in "Inside".

He was even part of a cult and almost took part in a suicide bombing mission. Moreover, he was stationed as an analyst in San Diego, but had asked for a transfer to New York prior to the Grand Central bombing. At this point, Caleb would be the most obvious guess, but we know that nothing in "Quantico" is as obvious as it seems.

However, we will need to wait until Sunday, 6 March, to get more of "Quantico" and until then we will be updating on spoilers, fan theories and plot speculations, so do not forget to check those out.