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This puppy has become an Internet sensation, you know why?

Do you want to become an Internet sensation? Don't worry, it's not at all a tough task these days, just do something different, cute or aww-dorable and millions will share your video and make it viral in no time. And if it is an interesting and unique visuals of animals, they will be of great demand too.

Shocking footages of human beings torturing dogs all over the world [GRAPHIC VIDEOS] 

Now, videos of a dog walking on its hind legs have aww'ed some netizens, who call it the cutest sight that make them happy. While some reports claim that the canine's name is Dou Dou, few others call her Smol Bean. She is spotted wearing a costume that looks like an uniform with backpack in one of the viral videos that is said to be shot in China. "Is that a little girl or dog? I am confused," comments a netizen.

However, there are also few others, who are not happy with the video as they claim that the poor animal might have faced many struggles while it was being trained on such unnatural acts. Though the dog's owner, believed to be Wen, insists that he hasn't trained her to stand upright like a human, we doubt how it can be a natural talent for a four-legged animal without getting proper training.

Meanwhile, netizens have also started sharing few old videos of people training dogs to walk on their hind legs, and are truly shocking considering the bad fate of the poor creatures, who suffer. Though we are not sure if the brown poodle seen in both the videos are the same, nevertheless, it is clear that many such poor animals are being tortured for humans to have fun and become famous.

The video of the Chinese puppy, shared on the Facebook page of Shanghaiist, has been viewed over 4.9 million times in a week of hitting the cyberspace. Similarly, many such videos of dogs walking on two legs have also surfaced online. 

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Here are some social media response on the viral video:

Norma Gonnella

Shanghailist, please STOP showing this poor animal. It's cruel to make the dog walk on his hind legs only. I did want to visit Shanghai, but this video deters me.

Lena Marquardt

I feel sorry for the mental state of the people who find this funny. "Haha look a dressed up dog that walks on two legs!" How old are you? 3?
This is just sad

Daniel Atzori

You should reconsider the concept of cute and fun!! This is terrible! Poor dog.. soulless people, what wouldn't you do to gain a like!

Andreas Issen

How much beating has this dog been true to do this. Poor fella dogs ain't meant to go on two legs this makes me sad to see how people treat lovely dogs

Ray Masters

I wouldn't do that to a dog. Disgusting!!!!! And as for the "He looks happy" brigade. Please tell me how a dog "looks" happy. I am rather curious. This is cruelty beyond belief and all of you who think it's cute should never have a dog as a partner. NEVER!

Lana Matthee

Moron humans who abuse animals and show power over them when they clearly have none over anything else in their lives!!! Assholes!

Zuza Prusińska

This is cruelty and stupidity of people. Admin the most, because promoting such behawior just make people to do more stuff like that.

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