Something about small-town affiliations and humble beginnings; they make for good stories. Something about a little inaccessibility coupled with lots of imagination; they make for great script. In the sleepiest suburb of Rama Mandi, near the small town of Bathinda in Punjab, an architect has designed a jet-shaped vehicle and called it no less than Punjab Rafale.

Punjab's very own Rafale

As the name suggests, this little piece of the invention is inspired by the Rafale fighter jets. While the vehicle cannot fly, but it looks just like an aircraft and while at it, can fly at a speed of 15 to 20 kmph. The vehicle has been manufactured at Bathinda's Rama Mandi itself and measures nine feet by eighteen feet in its breadth and length respectively.

Rampal Behniwal, while speaking to the media, earlier said that his invention will soon be displayed at a cultural park. He says this vehicle cost him about Rs 3 lakh. Painted light blue, Punjab Rafale has four tyres and no roof. To give a fighter jet vibe probably, the vehicle has Ram Pal Airline written on it along with a few numbers and also what appears like a phone number.

Sharing a few more details Behniwal said the engine of a Maruti car has been used in the vehicle. While its actual utility and value addition are yet to be ascertained, the kids from the nearby areas can be seen enjoying their ride in the vehicle.

Rafale Jet

Wins over hearts

And trollers are going to troll. As long as it is something creative and constructive, one is doing better than the most. Punjab's historical love for flying and foreign shores was invoked into the memes. "Udta Punjab," wrote a user. Some openly applauded the imagination and creativity behind the vehicle. Others wondered if architects could convert their knowledge of buildings into vehicles? Many linked his religion and region to this invention and further linked that to ongoing farmers protest.