Punarnavi Bhupalam
Punarnavi BhupalamScreenshot of hotstar video

Punarnavi Bhupalam was upset with the way Shilpa Chakravarthy pushed her into the pool during the task called 'Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam' inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 on Tuesday.

In the 51st episode, Bigg Boss gave the next task called 'Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam'. Five contestants like Baba Bhaskar, Vithika, Rahul, Shilpa and Himaja were made the Devils, while the remaining inmates became Humans. Devils are supposed to annoy and kill humans to win the game.

Bigg boss instructed them to kill the humans by making Shiva Jyothi cry and Mahesh change clothes five times, kissing Varun thrice, throwing Punarnavi into the pool and breaking an egg on Sreemukhi's head. Devils discussed game plans and successful in kill all the humans. Punarnavi was upset with the way Shilpa pushed her into the pool.

Punarnavi Bhupalam
Punarnavi BhupalamScreenshots of Hotstar App

Talking to Srimukhi, Punaranavi expressed her anger against Shilpa. But Sri said that it was her task and she did it. Even she felt the same when Himaja broke an egg on her head. She asked Navi to read the rule book placed in the courtyard and change herself. Sri also went on to say that the tasks are really stupid.

Later, Punarnavi expressed her anger against Varun for not reacting on the way Shilpa pushed her. Talking to the camera, she said, "Bigg Boss! It was a bullshit task. I am telling you it is a bullshit task. You only play it." She continued to argue with Varun and she did not head explanation.

Punarnavi Bhupalam arguing with Varun Sandesh
Punarnavi Bhupalam arguing with Varun SandeshScreenshot of hotstar video

A lot has been spoken about physical harassment during the tasks inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Punarnavi's outburst against Bigg Boss has once again fueled a debate on it in the social media with many supporting her. Here is what some viewers say about her argument on Twitter.

Pawan fan @SandhyaSeela

#BiggBossTelugu3 I used to hate punarnavi a lot. Wanted her to get eliminated in the s2nd week itself.But now liking her. Yesterday loved her guts to openly question bb when thr are flaws in task.Waiting for todays episode. Punnu and mahesh standing for themselves. Self respect.

Biggbosstelugu3 @Biggbosstelug2

Asal e task lo rules sariga lev.Its not secret task so bb should mention to humans tat they should save themselves from devils then it should have been better.Reaction ante kopam ani matrame anukunaru humans they laughed,srimukhi crosspunched adi kuda reaction ae #BiggBossTelugu3

Kavya @Kavyareddy92

#biggbosstelugu3 y do u give bullshit task to compete for captaincy where they have to again play to be a captain?Y can't u give daring n dashing task like entering room when all r sleeping and directly save from nominations.Mee game meradandi bb. mem ma pulihora kalupkuntam

Biggbosstelugu3 @Biggbosstelug2

punnu point is valid,Task for human is not to react and yeah they did well&tasks for devils also bb clearly mentioned one person can kill only one person and how come every one grabbed her and throwed her in pool?Isn't it one person job? Vitika&himaja did well #BiggBossTelugu3

STAK @STAK30889365

if Navi was given devil task then didn't she do the same what shilpa did? Definitely Navi would have done the same and if shilpa argue like Navi then Navi would have told that it was a task. Navi gave reason for mahesh in nominations that mahesh gave up task. #BiggBossTelugu3 Give me reason why the task is not proper task? Navi either didn't understand the rules of the task or she couldn't digest that she was killed.This is not first time Navi can't digest if something goes against her like nominating her in open nominations and defeating her in task

. @psychosid_

Punnu thought she was playing game very well she was not reacting to devils, moment bb announced she was dead she was in shock, giving % staying calm ignoring devils still losing the task, I think her anger is justified #BiggBossTelugu3

Deepika @DeepikaYen

Prathi task ki Nenu aadanu, Nenu cheyanu antunna #punarnavi ni inka Endku show lo unchutunaru ‍♀️‍♀️@StarMaa @iamnagarjuna... Bullshit task ani kuda anindi akarki.. mee contestants ee ala antunte malanti audience inkela feel avtaru a tasks chusi #Biggbosstelugu3