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The makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 are said to be bringing back eliminated Ali Reza as wildcard entrant after seeing a massive urge for his re-entry on both inside as well as outside the house.

Ali Reza is one of the most aggressive contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 and he had landing problems due to his anger management issues. He was nominated for elimination for the first time in the seventh week and he was evicted from the house. He has made huge fanbase for himself through his stint on the show. The news about his eviction came as a big shock for everyone inside as well as outside the house.

Soon after his elimination, Siva Jyothi and Ravikrishna cried bitterly and requested the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 to bring him back. Several viewers also took to social media to hurl their anger against them. Some of them threatened to stop watching the reality TV show if he was not brought back. A few of them are even trying to bring all his fans together to force the producers to do it.

Ali Reza's fans request on Twitter
Ali Reza's fans request on TwitterTwitter

Anil Awesome @Anil_Awesome22

Ali bhai love u Without knowing we fell in love with u I Just request @StarMaa to correct their mistake by keeping re-entry as wildcard chance Rest we take care of sending our 110% champion #alireza to #bb3

VijayVj @VijayVj85058053

#BiggBossTelugu3 Public are supporting Ali to be back and there are lot of questions about eliminating him. The other players like Mhsh Rahul Himaja Hrithika Punarvi are no were a good players. might loose interest if you eliminate people like Ali . #BiggBossTelugu3 #AliReza

Five contestants were eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 3 earlier, but there was not such a hue and cry over their eviction. The producers are said to have realized that Ali Reza's absence may cause a decrease in the viewership of the show. If brought back, his aggressive nature will create lots of controversies and help them retain the viewers. Hence, they are said to have brought him back as a wildcard entrant.

It should be recalled here that Nuthan Naidu and Shyamala were brought back on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 after many fans requested last year. Now, sources claim that they are set to repeat the same in coming episodes. The more exciting news is that there will be another new wildcard entry with Ali Reza on Bigg Boss Telugu 3.