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As promised, PUBG has finally announced the new features coming in the soon-to-be-released update #25 patch for PCs.

It's been close to a month since new Vikendi map made its way to the PUBG world and now, the company opened the test server for fans to check out the new features including new weapons, vehicle, attachment, and the much-awaited Moonlight weather setting for Vikendi. Furthermore, it will bring the quality of life updates and bug fixes.

Here are key improvements and changes coming in PUBG update #25 patch:

PUBG, update, #25 patch,
PUBG update #25 patch brings new weaponsPUBG website (screen-shot)

Note: In a bid to facilitate healthy matchmaking, the company has announced to make some restrictions and modes in different regions.

  • PUBG #25 update brings a new submachine gun (SMG) Bizon exclusive to Erangel and Vikendi maps. It uses 9mm ammunition and holds 53 rounds by default
  • Canted sight is a new scope for weapons with a secondary scope slot. You have to press ALT + Right click to toggle between equipped sights with several gun types
  • PUBG #25 brings Snowbike is quicker and has better mobility than the Snowmobile, however, it is much less durable and easily destroyed
  • The new Vikendi moonlight: Although the setting is at night, the big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis will help you to detect enemies
PUBG, update, #25 patch
PUBG update #25 patch brings Moonlight settings.PUBG website (screen-shot)
  • Vikendi – Optimized performance by modifying the number of footprints shown around the player. It also brings improved frame drops in the lobby and inventory
  • Survivor Pass: Vikendi- With this, you can you can now redeem all "drop in supply" rewards at once. PUBG has adjusted several highly difficult missions from daily and weekly mission lists. Missions that had previously been announced are excluded from the balancing
  • PUBG has improved team invite settings and status system
  • PUBG has added BattleStat weapon skin. With BattleStat weapon skin applied, the number of players killed with that weapon is recorded/displayed on the skin
  • PUBG has made changes to the Item settings so they can be exchanged for the appropriate amount of BP according to their grade
  • PUBG has also made several general bug fixes including the issue where the Bizon firing and reload sounds could be heard from further distances than intended
  • Resolved an issue which prevented players from receiving grenade damage or effects behind small objects
  • It has rectified Fixed an issue which prevented players from receiving grenade damage or effects behind small objects
  • There are several more. You can view it full changelog (here).

In a related development, the company has launched the PUBG Lite Open Beta for low-end laptops and desktops with up to as low as 4GB RAM. It will offer almost same experience of playing the original version such as Erangel island in the black sea with Nuclear power plant, submerged city, swamp, mountain areas and other stuff. Also, it will offer new gunplay features, unique game contents, as well.