PUBG has become a gaming sensation across all platforms (sorry PS4 owners) and one of many things that excite players is the interesting set of outfits and stickers for guns, cars and more. Donning that perfect getup before you step into the battle zone is all about making a first impression before showing the enemy your skills.

If first look can strike terror, finding the right getup to do so is essential. The safest bet is to go with the iconic villains of popular movies and the list is incomplete without mentioning the Joker. But the 2016's Suicide Squad placed Harley Quinn right next to the Joker as the duo rocked their badass roles. And all thanks to PUBG and DC collaboration, skins for Joker and Harley Quinn are finally arriving in the game.

PUBG made the announcement on Twitter by sharing a new trailer that features the badass skins from the 2016 blockbuster. The attention to detail is quite impressive.

PUBG x Suicide Squad
PUBG x Suicide SquadPUBG via Twitter

Harley Quinn is seen in her iconic "Daddy's Monster" shirt, "Puddin" neckpiece, stocking, shorts, shoes, the traditional baseball bat and those red and blue pigtails. As for the Joker, players can get that suave business suit with green hair and "Damaged" tattoo on the forehead. Both the characters' skins will most likely be available as a complete package for players to purchase within the game.

The trailer shows full-on action, with the Joker and Harley Quinn breaking out of a prison in Miramar map. This could be a major hint that the rumoured Prison Breakout mode is indeed in the offing with the new characters in tow.

If the Prison Breakout mode is real, the trailer suggests some players try to break out while others try to stop them using sniper rifles. But it's all too soon to speculate what hasn't been confirmed by PUBG or its developers.

On a side note, if the PS4 owners are feeling left out from the PUBG action, there's good news. Several reports and ratings board sightings have suggested that the popular battle royale game is finally headed to Sony's console, IGN reported. The game has been exclusive to Xbox for quite some time.