PUBG Mobile, short for PlayerUnknown's Battleground, is back in the news with some positive energy after facing a severe backlash that even led some multiple arrests in India. As the popular saying goes, the show must go on, PUBG developers have their hands full with an upcoming update that will introduce a new season along with some latest weapons and vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Season 5, which started on January 21, comes to an end on March 18. This is not a reason to be disappointed as the end of one season brings the joy of a new season and reports are already suggesting that PUBG Mobile Season 6 could go live as early as March 21. While there's no official word from PUBG on its new season, the developers confirmed that a new song will be released with the new season.

But there's a lot more than just a new song PUBG Mobile players should be looking forward to. Courtesy of PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 beta update, which is currently in testing, a lot of those upcoming features in the next update this week are ousted. As expected, there will be new skins, items, cosmetics and more in the new season alongside a fresh Royale Pass (RP) for players with new missions and exclusive items.

PUBG Mobile update
PUBG Mobile updateTwitter/PUBG Mobile

If you're not much into RP rewards, there's still a lot of exciting features in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 6 update. The biggest additions to the game in the latest update are:

G36C assault rifle: This new rifle uses 5.56mm ammo and promises to offer great power and stability. The gun has been fine-tuned to have less recoil, making it ideal for mid-range combats. Like other ARs, the G36C will also have attachments like scopes, thumb grips, laser sights and more. But the rifle will only be available in Vikendi snow map.

PUBG Mobile update
PUBG Mobile updatePUBG

Tukshai: One of the most popular vehicles in the PC, the Tukshai, finally makes its way to PUBG Mobile. The three-wheeler ride popularly known as auto rickshaw in countries like India will only be available in Sanhok map. It may not be the fastest ride, but it's certainly fun to ride and speed shouldn't be a problem given Sanhok's map size.

'I got supplies': This is the most missed feature in the updated PUBG Mobile. But players will soon be able to mark weapons and items so partners can be guided with a temporary marker. The "I got supplies" message will be pre-selected in the quick chat in the new update instead of having players to go into the settings to manually add it.

Dynamic weather: After a long wait, dynamic weather will finally be added to Erangel and Miramar maps in the upcoming update.

Are you excited for PUBG's latest season update this week? Stay tuned for updates.