PUBG Mobile is constantly trying to improve its gameplay to keep its millions of players hooked to their phones. The much-awaited zombie mode update in PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 is long overdue, but there is no word on when exactly it will arrive. According to our sources, PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update with zombie mode is coming no later than the end of this month.

The reason for the delay is bugs in the final version, which will be released only when all glitches have been fully resolved. The beta version of PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 gives decent gameplay, but more importantly, it lets you play zombie mode before the official rollout. The beta app is still buggy and experiences lags and some latency as well. The final version of the update will likely address those issues.

While the zombie mode in PUBG Mobile has long been coming, players might be getting weary of the anticipation. To keep up the spirits, PUBG Mobile has been teasing its players with timely updates on its social media handles. PUBG Mobile dropped another zombie mode teaser on its Twitter handle, which briefly shows the result of PUBG Mobile X Resident Evil 2 crossover.

This should keep players satisfied for a bit longer, but PUBG Mobile developers must really consider rolling out the update as soon as possible.

A glitch briefly disrupted gameplay

The best way to take mind off the anticipation is to get some chicken dinners. But a bug seemed to have caused some glitch in the PUBG servers, resulting in players unable to log in or even keep waiting for the matchmaking to complete. Shortly after the issue arrived, PUBG acknowledged it was a server issue and started fixing it.

PUBG Mobile, Vikendi Snow map, costume, 0.10.0 update
PUBG MobilePlayerUnknow/Twitter (screen-grab)

In a matter of few minutes, PUBG Mobile tweeted again saying, "After hitting the servers with a pan, it seems the issue has been solved! *phew*, please try logging in again and get some sweet chicken dinners!" That was pretty quick.

PUBG Mobile error fixed
PUBG Mobile error fixedTwitter/PUBG Mobile

For as long as PUBG Mobile can address concerns with such swiftness, we think it has won its players' trust and loyalty.