PUBG Mobile is a household name across the globe and it recently breached 100 million monthly active users mark globally. While developers of the game are constantly working to improve the gameplay by introducing new content and features, they have lagged in certain areas. The biggest drawback some players have felt in recent times is the lack of support for a higher refresh rate in the game.

With the launch of smartphones like OnePlus 7 Pro, ROG Phone II, Razer Phone 2 and others, the higher refresh rate display has become the most-requested feature in flagship phones. Although not many smartphones support more than 60Hz display, OnePlus, ROG, Razer and Nubia have challenged the trend with 90Hz and 120Hz panels. Soon, PUBG Mobile will take advantage of that high refresh rate to offer a butter-smooth gaming experience.

The tip comes from a video posted by Mr. Ghost Gaming, which shows PUBG Mobile developers could finally be working on 90fps and 120fps refresh rate support in the game. These modes will be available under Settings > Graphics > Frame Rate > 90 or 120. It's worth noting that the option will only be supported in phones that come with 90Hz or 120Hz displays.

PUBG Mobile to get 90fps, 120fps support
PUBG Mobile to get 90fps, 120fps supportMr.Ghost Gaming YouTube video screenshot

Here's the list of phones that will be eligible for PUBG Mobile's 90fps, 120fps gameplay:

Refresh rate




OnePlus 7 Pro

ROG Phone II


ROG Phone

Razer Phone 2


Nubia Red Magic 3


Given the trend in the industry, more phones are likely to get support for higher refresh rate. For instance, Google's upcoming Pixel 4 is expected to come with a 90Hz display panel, which means PUBG Mobile players will have a smooth gaming experience on Google's new flagship.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 is here
PUBG Mobile Season 8 posterPUBG Mobile

With all the great news, there's one sad news. The improved refresh rate support in the game was spotted in the Chinese beta version of PUBG Mobile. There's no word on its release yet, but our guess is it could happen anytime later this year.

Interestingly, the video also showcases different features under beta testing. They include Erangel 2.0, BRDM vehicle, new Deagle gun, and more. You can watch the video below: