After days of teasing and testing, PUBG Mobile has finally rolled out its latest update, which also celebrates the game's first year anniversary on the mobile platform. There's no surprise in PUBG Mobile's success given its gripping gameplay that has managed to attract over 200 million downloads, 30 million daily active users and several awards in a short span of one year. As a way to thank the PUBG community, a new update has arrived with several surprises.

In addition to the anniversary-related features, PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 update brings some noteworthy changes to the game that most players are going to enjoy. The latest update also marks the end of yet another Royale Pass season and soon players will be able to complete missions in the RP Season 6.

"We've developed some fantastic partnerships with Resident Evil: 2 and Mission Impossible, which give our players even more ways to enjoy the game. This new version's launch is just the latest example of our player-focused approach where we introduce amazing new features frequently. We continually innovate and improve to produce the world's best mobile game experience and have more surprises in store in the coming weeks to commemorate this anniversary," Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Department at Tencent Games, said in a statement.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update released
PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update releasedPUBG

PUBG Mobile's first year anniversary celebrations are as grand as the game's success in the last year. To commemorate this occasion, PUBG Mobile has tweaked the Spawn Island to show festivities and celebrations everywhere. Players can celebrate PUBG Mobile's birthday by holding parties with fireworks before taking off on the plane. But the anniversary celebrations are not limited to the Spawn Island as players will randomly find cakes in the match, which holds a special surprise.

If you're not all for birthday parties and celebrations, PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update brings in-game features to help you up your game. As per the PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 patch notes, the biggest features in the game are:

PUBG Mobile update
PUBG Mobile updatePUBG
  • Dynamic weather in Erangel and Miramar
  • New G36C rifle, which uses 5.56mm rounds and supports stocks. The new rifle replaces SCAR-L in Vikendi
  • Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus otherwise called auto rickshaw is added in Sanhok. It replaces the Jeep, Dacia and Mini Bus
  • Subscription plans will be available from April. PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus will offer free daily UC, RP points, daily 80 percent discount on Crates and purchasing items using BP
  • Tired of getting the same items in Crates? The new update fixes that by offering vouchers for those who get certain items multiple times in a row
  • Zombies will enter a weakened state from time to time
  • Fixed areas on the map where zombies could not enter
  • Damage outside the safe zone at night is increased
  • Some zombie skills have been tuned
  • Vehicle fuel levels have been tuned
  • The popular "I got supplies" message is now back in Quick Chats
  • View RP rankings for the entire region and your friends from the RP page
  • Elite Pass Plus offers more than just 25 ranks
  • Weekly challenges come with more points and those rewards can be collected with one tap

Finally, PUBG has released a throwback video, highlighting the biggest moments in the last year. Watch it below: