As announced, popular online multiplayer battle royale game Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was taken down for maintenance for a few hours last night and early morning in select regions.

The servers went down for three hours starting Aug 13 5:30 pm PDT, Aug 14 2:30 am CEST, August 14 6:30 am IST, Aug 14 9:30 am KST. It was affecting only the PC version and now, after three hours of the backend service, it's back online.

The company PUBG Corporation confirmed the news on Twitter and players can now resume their game. "PC Players: Live server maintenance is now complete. Servers are back online and playable," said the company's official PUBG Help Twitter handle.

PUBG Mobile, Android, iOS, 0.7.0 update
PUBG for PC is now back online.Beta PUBG Mobile/Google Play store (screen-grab)

Unlike the previous time, PUBG Corporation is not prepping to bring any new update or features for the multiplayer game just yet; it was just routine server maintenance so that no issues crop up when more and more new people join the game.

However, some people are still complaining that PUBG is crashing on their PC since they started playing after the server came back online. So far, PUBG Help has not responded to them yet.

In a related development, PUBG Mobile has announced on Twitter that if the entire player community gets 1 million kills using the newly introduced weapon-- Self Loading Rifle (SLR) within next five days, then everyone will be rewarded with one X2 EXP card.

PUBG Mobile, Android, iOS,news
PUBG Mobile announces new challenge for the gamers.PUBG Mobile/Twitter (screen-shot)

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