Avatar 2 movie
Avatar 2 movie production wrappedAvatar (@avatarthefilm)/Facebook

Production of James Cameron's epic science fiction drama Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 has officially finished but it is still a long way before the fans of 2009 release Avatar will get to see Pandora on the big screen.

After the phenomenal success of Avatar, James Cameron and his team started the pre-production of its sequel. The preliminary shooting started in mid-2017, which was followed by the principal photography of Avatar 3 that started in September 2017.

Although the production of Avatar has officially wrapped, more energy is now going into the visual effects of the upcoming movie. In the Avatar world, visual effects play a very important role and it was announced back in 2017 that Weta Digital has started working on all the Avatar sequels.

As earlier reported, Avatar 2 will feature underwater scenes, which were actually filmed underwater with the cast in performance capture. To actually put the idea into motion, the visual team took a year and a half to develop a new motion capture system.

James Cameron has recently opened up about working on two movies simultaneously. The Terminator movie director admitted that the process of making Avatar 2 & 3 was confusing for him.

Avatar 2 movie
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"One day I'll be working on scenes from [Avatar] 2, the next day I'll be working on scenes from 3, and the actors come in and go, 'Oh, we're working on 3 today.'"

While talking about the rest of the films in series, James Cameron has stated in past that his main focus is not on Avatar 2 but it is equally spread on all the movies in Avatar franchise as they all serve an independent story.

Now that the production of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 is finally over, fans are wondering what's the future of Avatar 4 and Avatar 5. Titanic movie director James Cameron is waiting to officially receive the green signal for the remaining two movies in the franchise.

There are reports that Fox is waiting to see how Avatar 2 and 3 will perform at the box-office, and if these two movies turn out to be pure gold, just like the first part which earned $2.7 billion on a budget of $237 million, then the studio will reportedly allow the director to go on with the remaining two movies.

As of now, Avatar 2 is set to premiere on December 18, 2020, while Avatar 3 will release on December 17, 2021. It will only time will tell whether these two movies will be able to win box-office and impress the fans or not. But based on the anticipation on the project, fans are overly excited to see what's in store for them this time.