Name some of the best OTT series and Priyasha Bhardwaj has been a part of it. Mirzapur, Aarya and now, Love J Action; the actress is making her presence felt, one series at a time. Enjoying a massive fan following and upcoming roles that are guaranteed to be best-sellers, Priyansha got in touch with International Business Times India for a free-wheeling chat. Take a look.

Priyasha Bharadwaj
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Tell us about your first time in front of the camera.

Well, it was for a photo shoot actually. I had gotten selected amongst 12 women across India in Femina's "beautiful hair, beautiful you" campaign with Dove, many years ago. I got a makeover before the photo shoot with a brand new hair cut but I was so nervous. Before this, I had only imagined being a part of Bollywood and doing a dance sequence with Shahrukh Khan. Never knowing how it was possible to turn into reality. And here I was a naive college girl doing a calendar and magazine shoot with Mr. Ashish Chawla, a renowned fashion photographer from New Delhi. I had taken my family along for the shoot since we were all so very excited. It was like entering a new world. They took such good care of us and made me feel so comfortable. I started enjoying posing as the fan blew on me and I had to feel beautiful. Perhaps this was the first time I ever felt that I am considered to be beautiful. It gave me such a confidence boost, someone who was extremely shy and inhibited to speak in public. The then creative director of Femina Meetesh Taneja and I are still friends. The pictures made it to billboards and hoardings all across India and I experienced my 20 seconds of fame when people started to recognise me in malls.

You have played varied characters in Aarya and Mirzapur. Do you take the role back with you or is it just on and off for you.

Well, One play that I did in the past left a certain impact on me. I would go home feeling very heavy after each show. Also, I don't think it's the actor's choice. Based on the amount of work that goes into developing a role, the character will either choose to stay within you even after "cut" or she won't. It's really interesting for me to observe the shift within myself while I'm on set and when I get back home. They definitely alter something in your own personality. And I enjoy surrendering to that. So it's definitely not on-off for me. I learn to love and accept all the characters I've played.

How important do you think social media presence is these days?

I have managed to create a genuine and loyal fan base thanks to social media. I see there is a surge in the number of followers and engagement with every new release of mine which indicates they are enjoying and appreciate my work. There is an open dialogue between me and my followers who are keenly following my work and enjoy my posts. I feel comfortable sharing different aspects of my life with them and give them an insight into the world of acting. So it is an integral part of an actor's life and I am grateful for this platform.

How does your family react to your performances in Mirzapur, Aarya and now Love J Action?

I believe they are very proud of me. Not only do they feel I am doing them proud but also somehow representing Assam in the media. They get more emotional about that.

What's next in the pipeline?

I have a few more web series due to release in the next few months. Very exciting projects and I know audience will be hooked. Fingers crossed. I should be able to share more details soon.