Sushmita Sen is back with a bang after a hiatus as she marks her digital debut with Aarya, which was released on June 19. Needless to say, the powerful actor looks fierce, fit, and flattered with her performance. Ever since the series has been dropped, fans are going gaga over its gripping storyline and riveting mystery. Directed by Ram Madvani, Aarya has set the bar high. 

Despite garnering praise for web series, netizens on social media slammed the makers of Aarya and started posting nasty comments on Twitter the very next day the series was released. 

Let's take a look at why Aarya is facing backlash on Twitter:

Aarya's character

To the ones who haven't watched the series, there is a line mouthed by Rajeshwari (Aarya's mother) to the other women in her husband Zorawar's life Radhika (Flora Saini) over her profession wherein she tries to disrespect and disregard Radhika for being the other women in her husband's life.

It so happens that Rajeshwari compares Radhika's profession of a physiotherapist to a compounder. This line didn't go down well with netizens and since then the makers are facing hate comments from the audience on social media.

Check out the volatile tweets and Twitter trend #BoycottAarya

Anus Singh Choudhary and Sushmita Sen

To get a clarification on the ongoing ruckus on social media,  International Business Times, India got in touch with the writer of the web series -- Aarya --  Anu Singh Choudhary, as she clarified her stance and reasons out on why that particular line wasn't in a bad state and didn't mean to disregard any person or profession.

Excerpts from the conversation:

The need for that line and why was it blown out of proportion:

Our conscious was very clear since the beginning and there has never been any intent to demean or disrespect any profession or a person. To the ones who have seen the show will understand that its one character against the other. As far as the backlash from a community is concerned, I wonder they have watched the series.

She added,

Radhika as a character has faced maximum humiliation in the show and her love for Zorawar has always been pure and pious if you dig deep into the character, she is of the most compassionate characters we have in the show. Taking this ahead, I can only say as a writer that every character in the series has been weaved and dealt emotionally and their individual choices have been shown. I hope that people see it with the right intent so that they would understand the crux of the sentence and emotions behind it.

If the team discussed internally and came up with a solution

We have discussed this internally, and we all were on the same page. There has never been an intention to harm or attack anyone's profession or sentiments. Sushmita Sen being our collective voice had tweeted and clarified the stance.

Personal equation with a physiotherapist

Personally, I share a very very personal equation with my physiotherapist, I had slip disc years back, and I know how much she has helped me heal.

 Check out Sushmita Sen's Tweet below:

For the unversed,  the webs series traces the compelling journey of Aarya Sareen (Sushmita Sen), and how she deals with the huge secrets related to her husband Tej's (Chandrachur Singh) demise one by one. The show has a wonderful cast that makes it interesting to watch.