Quantico season 3, Priyanka Chopra
The cast of Quantico season 3.PR Handout

Priyanka Chopra's ABC show Quantico will soon be off-air. However, the show is clearly not going down without sparking a controversy.

It is no secret that Quantico doesn't have a strong storyline, to begin with, as per critics. For the new season, makers reworked the narrative but it still failed to impress the viewers.

While not impressing viewers is one thing, pissing them off is another. The new episode of the ABC series, Quantico season 3 episode 5, was aired in the US on June 1 and was telecast in India over the weekend.

The new episode's plot read: "When a physics professor at a major US university steals weaponised uranium, the team scrambles to find the professor and the missing uranium before it can be used against an important international summit meeting in New York City."

But the story ended up showing something that hurt Indian viewers. The outrage began when a Twitter user tweeted, "What the hell was this episode of #Quantico .. they tried to show 'Indian nationalists' (their term) trying to blow up Manhattan to frame Pakistan.. I don't even know what sort of ridiculous narrative was this episode trying to set.. nonsensical stuff.."

"They try to wade into the India-Pakistan issue and come up miserably short.. the storyline is not just implausible, the narrative is faulty feels like them trying to create a false equivalence where none exists.. all this on a show with an Indian actress @priyankachopra .. sad," the tweet read.

"In this episode PC discovers a rudraksh mala (not kidding) on the terrorist and then then concludes that these are Indian nationalists trying to blow a bomb in NYC and blame Pakistan for it and that's how the episode unfolds from there .. seriously ridiculous stuff," the user shared.

Many users are calling out Priyanka for accepting to do the episode in the first place.