Priyanka Chopra is nothing less than a global icon. The diva, who is known for dominating the global entertainment space, has recently turned author. Priyanka Chopra has released her autobiography and titled it – Unfinished. The book deals with her professional gains and setback and personal relationships. In the book, PeeCee has also spoken up about the industry's "patriarchal" views.

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Recalling one incident, Priyanka Chopra revealed how a director wanted her to strip down for a song. The director told her stylist that no matter what, her underwear should be seen in the song. Priyanka added that she was ready to go full out as a temptress but this attitude of the director and his language towards her made it unacceptable to her and she walked out of the project.

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Priyanka said that she was ready and knew what she had to do in the song when she signed the project. She even suggested the director that since the song was long and she had to stip, layering up would have been a good idea. She spoke to her stylist and explained the song to him. The director took the phone and then said, "Jo bhi ho, chaddiyan dikhni chahiyen. Nahi toh log picture kyon dekhne aayenge?" (Whatever happens, panties should be seen. Otherwise why would people come to watch the film?).

Priyanka added that she left the project and the director reached her shooting spot where she was rehearsing with Salman Khan. The director looked livid and worried as she had already shot for two days of the sequence. Salman Khan then had to intervene, she revealed.

Talking about her method of writing in the book, Priyanka said that she took help from a lot of people. She revealed that any incident/instance she would decide to write, she first wrote her version and then went to the person involved/concerned to see the same instance from their perspective.