Priya Prakash Varrier
Priya Prakash Varrier.PR Handout

After the protest over the viral song Manikya Malaraya Puvi, now Malayalam actress Priya Prakash Varrier's film has courted another controversy. Reports suggest that Oru Adaar Love's viral wink scene featuring Priya and Roshan Abdul Rahoof is copied from Malayalam movie Kidu.

Majeed Abu, the director of Kidu, had shot a scene that looked similar to the popular "wink" sequence from Oru Adaar Love. Abu later deleted the entire sequence from the movie. Following this, rumors had started doing the rounds that Kidu was copied from Oru Adaar Love.

However, Sabu PK, the producer of Kidu, took to Facebook to clarify all the accusations. In a video, which was posted on Facebook, he said that Kidu was shot and edited before Oru Adaar Love ruling out the possibility that it was copied from Priya's film.

"After watching the song from my film Kidu, many have been saying that it has been copied from Oru Adaar Love. It's not right," Sabu said in the video.

"Achu Vijayan is the editor of Kidu and Oru Adaar Love. My film's shooting was completed on November 25 (2017) and in January first week, the editing was done," he said.

"It is only after finishing our film, Achu Vijayan started to work on Oru Adaar Love. That song was also shot after this. So, we are the ones who should accuse them (Oru Adaar Love filmmakers) of copying it from us. We don't have any intentions of copying from others," he added.

He even revealed the reason why he didn't take any action against the makers of Oru Adaar Love. 

"Many asked me why I didn't take action? I don't want that. We don't want to make a big issue because out of this. There could be some similarities between the two films. Even our life is like that we have so many similarities with others," Sabu said.

Watch the viral Manikya Malaraya Puvi song below: