Conspiracy theorists have long been claiming that alien existence on earth is real, and to substantiate this, they often cite the examples of UFO sightings that have happened in various parts of the world. Adding up the heat to these seemingly bizarre theories, an exclusive report in Daily Star has revealed that prisoners in jail apparently saw a bright UFO, and they believe it could be the proof of alien existence. 

Inmate shares UFO experience

In a letter to prison magazine Inside Times, an inmate said that he did not believe in UFOs and aliens until the day this event happened. He also added that the UFO event he witnessed was strange, and it left him speechless. 

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The inmate was at HMP The Verne, Dorset when a very bright light appeared. 

"This object started to come closer and closer until it was actually hovering over our exercise area at about 100 or so feet above us. We were, by this time, all, including officers, standing with our heads tilted back and looking up at this strange thing. Then the object started to shrink and collapse in on itself until it sort of just dissolved into a cloud of mist. Then it started raining on us and, the next day, we all came out in a red rash," wrote the inmate, Daily Star reports.

Military vessel or alien UFO? 

The inmate suggested that the UFO he spotted in the skies could be a secretive military vessel. However, he made it clear that the entire event was spooky and strange. 

"I have heard many different explanations from different men. Some say there is a military base on Portland and that this could have been some sort of military 'Black Project'. Others say it was ball lightning. I don't know what it was except it was very strange," added the inmate. 

The testimonial shared by the inmate has now gone viral, and it has made netizens believe that aliens are already here on earth. These extraterrestrial enthusiasts claim that alien disclosure is imminent, and these are all the initial steps behind the final disclosure.