In a series of disturbing outbursts, a new revelation comes to light about Princess Diana's bulimia. And this time, it comes from her royal butler Paul Burrell. A few days ago, Di's "rock" admitted that Kate Middleton would never replace Princess Diana's repute and now, he stunned everyone with his new confession.

Princess Diana
The Princess of Wales arrives at St Phillip's Cathedral, Birmingham where she viewed exterior restoration work October 12, 1994.Reuters

Speaking in a new Channel 5 after being paid £10,000 to share the intimate details, the former butler discussed about Princess of Wales' eating disorders and admitted that he aided her bulimia by giving her "gallons of custard" to eat. The butler spoke to a therapist about the disorder and made the shocking remark.

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Reported by Daily Mail, a therapist in the documentary is seen saying, "I know Princess Diana had an eating disorder, it was very well reported." To which, Burrell, replies, "And I'd help her with that. I'd get the chef to prepare a gallon of custard and I'd buy yoghurts and lots of bananas. And I'd prepare the room for her to make sure she was comfortable," he revealed.

"I'd make sure there was a pile of towels. I was doing my duty. I'd have done anything for Diana. It wasn't illegal, as far as I was aware," he added.

When he was asked why he didn't stop the behaviour, Burrell said, "I wasn't able to challenge what was happening. I couldn't tell her what to do. I could be there, I could put my arm around her."

He did not stop at that. During the episode, he also revealed intimate details about Diana's last days and how he coped with her death. The royal household servant went on to talk about sitting with the Diana's "soft and warm" corpse after her 1997 car crash in Paris, The Sun reported.

Burrell disclosed that he slept in the bottom of her wardrobe among her clothes and smelled her perfume while struggling with her loss. "It was the only way I could try and get her back into my world," he said.

Paul Burrell Diana's butler
Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's butlerGetty Images

Coming out of the closet in March 2017, Burrell claimed that Diana always knew that he was gay because of how he chose her outfits and jewels. He also shared that he still has photos of Diana in his house. When his husband Graham Cooper suggested removing pictures of the princess, Burrell refused. "It never occurred to me there are three people in my marriage. How can I tell one to leave? It's very difficult for me to let go of her, and I think she is moving away," he revealed.

The episode of In Therapy will broadcast on Monday, August 21, at 10pm.