As Donald Trump refuses to come to terms with election results and Biden inches closer to the Oval Office, there is someone else having the last laugh out of this all and guess what? He isn't even listening.

Twitter handle @TheTweetOfGod loves chaos and absurdity and that is precisely what it got when televangelist and spiritual adviser Paula White got talking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is a practice among evangelists and spiritualists where they speak in a language unknown to the speaker

"I hear a sound of abundance of rain…I hear a sound of victory," said the Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White while leading an impassioned prayer service on Wednesday in an effort to secure Trump's re-election. "I hear victory, victory…. Right now in the corners of heaven," White must have pronounced the word victory at least a dozen times while her eyes are closed and she is quite stirred.

During the live-streamed prayer, after her 'conversation,' White said, "demonic confederacies were attempting to steal the election from Trump."

Angelic intervention from Africa  

"Angels are being dispatched right now. Angels are being dispatched from Africa right now. Angels are coming from South America. They are coming here," White further claims in the video that in no time hit the figure of 20 million views.

But it's not the angelic forces from Africa or some spiritual intervention or the fact that she hears the sound of victory (for Trump imagine) that has everyone's attention in the video.

It is the guy in the background who walks behind White, to and fro at least thrice that has taken the internet by storm and netizens in fits of humor. And of course the angels from Africa too that are on their way. The guy in the video who is behind White, as she leads a desperate prayer service, seems to have forgotten his way. 

In November 2019, White was appointed to the White House's Faith and Opportunity Initiative at the Office of Public Liaison. White, a controversial figure, also served on President's Evangelical Advisory Board during the 2016 campaign and continues to advise him on matters of spirituality and faith.

Is social media on a roll? Yes, who would let go of an opportunity of 'gibberish' that predicts a victory (by saying victory at least a dozen times) for Trump with a little help from yes, angelic intervention.