Paula White

Spiritual advisor to US President Donald Trump, Paula White has often got under the spotlight for her comments on a wide range of things. Once again, White is under the spotlight for her questionable remarks about abortion and gay marriage. The short video clip has been making the rounds on the social media, in which White strongly opposes abortion and same-sex marriage.

In the video, White starts by saying: "It's not okay even if it is culturally acceptable. It's not okay to be addicted to pornography. It's not okay to shack up. I'm starting easy before I get heavier."

Then she goes on to add: "It's not okay to be a racist. It's not okay to be lawless."

Towards the end of the clip, White says, "it's not okay to have an abortion. It's not okay to marry the same sex."

The video has got thousands of views, and comments with mixed reactions. On one hand some people agree with White, while on the other hand, some netizens don't agree with her views.

'God' disagrees

While White cites Biblical verses to highlight the "vices", the popular Twitter account of "God" disagrees in his own words. Bashing White for comments, "God" writes: "It's also not okay to paint a Lingerie Football League uniform with Pepto-Bismol, add nipple buttons and a second-rate copy of Phoebe's Season 2 hair, and preach the gospel."

God tweets