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'Pretham 2', the much-anticipated sequel of 'Pretham', graced the big screens all around Kerala on December 21. Directed by Ranjith Shankar, the film once again shows Jayasurya in the role of Don Bosco, a clever mentalist who has paranormal abilities.

During the announcement of the movie, the director has promised that this sequel will be loaded with double the fun and scare when compared to its prequel. As promised, the director has successfully delivered a much better movie than 'Pretham' and he deserves a big round of applause for his effort.

International Business Times, India's reporter watched the movie at Jayabharath screen 1, in Vadakkencherry. Here is our genuine, unbiased review of 'Pretham 2'.

A horror tale set in the backdrop of Varikkasseri Mana

In 'Pretham', the director had narrated a horror story in the backdrop of a beach resort, but when it comes to this sequel, the film is set in Varikkasseri Mana. A team of movie maniacs reach Varikkasseri Mana for a short film shooting, and there, they start experiencing paranormal activities. As scare and horror start looming up, Don Bosco comes for their help, and he finally finds the villain behind all these acts.

Ranjith Shankar scores, Jayasurya excels

Ranjith Shankar has done a neat job as the director in 'Pretham 2'. In the prequel, the director has spoiled the overall flow of the movie by using unwanted comic elements which were no way connected to the story. However, in this sequel, he has successfully narrated the story with situational comedies which are not superficial.

The scare element has worked well in 'Pretham 2', and some scenes were chilling enough to make the audiences jump from their seats.

Jayasurya has done justice to his role, and he repeated the same mannerisms which were previously portrayed in the prequel. However, this new movie is no way connected to the story of its prequel, and the director has just placed the character of Don Bosco in a new plot.

The supporting star cast comprised of five young actors also did their job with perfection.

Final Verdict

'Pretham 2' is a rollercoaster ride through the lives of five youngsters who get caught in the web of horror. This film is not a masterpiece, but worth watching for horror comedy lovers.

Pretham 2