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Director Ranjith Sankar's Malayalam movie Pretham 2 starring Saniya Iyappan, Jayasurya, Durga Krishna, Dain Davis, Amith Chakalakkal and Sidhartha Siva has got good review and rating from the audience.

Pretham 2 is the sequel to the superhit horror comedy film Pretham. Ranjith Sankar has not only directed, written script and dialogue but also produced the movie with actor Jayasurya. The flick has received a U certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.13 hours.

Pretham 2 story: Four college friends decide to spend some quality time in an old mansion to release their stress but instead, they experience paranormal activity. How mentalist John Don Bosco helps them forms the crux of the story.

Pretham 2 movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Safeer57‏ @Safeer571

Even though #pretham2 didn't stand high with its predecessor, it takes #mentalism to another thrilling dimension. #jayasurya as an actor deserves appreciation for that acting perfection

sadiq ali‏ @sadiqsadz

#Pretham2 Watchable entertainer just like the first part. Usual buildup and same kind of climax scenes. Still a watchable entertainer which will not make you bored. #Jayasurya ✌

Rincy S ‏ @RincyS2

Watched #Pretham2 movie at #NewTheatre .. Average movie just like its previous Version.. Nothing to hype and not boring..Compare to its first movie, story is much better... My #Rating : 3/5 #Pretham2 #malayalammovie

Amaljith‏ @AmaljithJithu

#Pretham2 Another interesting delving case in the life of John Don Bosco..A good first half followed by an engaging second hlf makes it quite an interesting watch.. @ranjithsankar- @Actor_Jayasurya combo is indeed a promising one.. loved it

Anfaj_is_here‏ @Anfaj007M

Watched d film #Pretham2. my review: An above average first half followed by a engaging 2nd half. @renjithsankar strike back in second half with an engaging story telling. Overall a good movie from #ranjithsankar -@Actor_Jayasurya Jayasurya combo,

Snehasallapam‏ @SSTweeps

#Pretham2 review: An average first half followed by a good 2nd half. Renjith Shankar strike back in second half with an engaging story telling. Overall a good movie from #ranjithsankar - Jayasurya combo, One of the promising combos from mollywood. Our Rating: 3/5

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#Pretham2 A film thats aimed at the festival audience and it might succeed in doing that to an extend. Follows the same template as in the first part where the protagonist comes in to solve another mystery surround a gang. Some jokes may make you giggle and some fall flat... #Jayasurya excels once again as the Protagonist John Don Bosco while Saniya and Durga Krishna play the female leads. #Pretham1 > #Pretham2 However this might find its audience owing to the festive season.

Machans Media ™ ‏ @TrollMachans

#Pretham2 First Half • Superb BGM • Camera & Direction Leaving some hints for the audience which would be revealed in the second half obviously Watchable first half except over acting by Mangalassery Neelakandan #Pretham2 • Thrilling second half • BGM • Climax and Twist Overall an above average movie Rating : 2.75/5 @Actor_Jayasurya

KeralaBoxofficeStats‏ @kboxstats

#Pretham2 Sticks to the template of the first part - Horror and Fun. #DonBosco is @Actor_Jayasurya next cult character after #ShajiPappan and #JoyThakkolkkaaran . No wonder, if #Pretham3 happens ! #Renjithshankar directorial will be a safe bet at boxoffice for sure. 3/5

Mollywood Updates‏ @Mollywood8787

#Pretham2 is getting positive reports @Actor_Jayasurya and @ranjithsankar Combo agian strikes in #KBO