Motus one
Motus one

Motus One, a global company that offers Event Transportation logistics consultation and event-transport-related planning services, operates across a range of diverse markets and has a large expanding clientele across the globe. For 2019, their reported earnings were upwards of US$10 million with a workforce of more than 500 people.

They function as an extremely client-focused unit, rendering services catered towards niche client needs. This is one of the main reasons they have excelled in efficiency, management, and operations. The company also focuses extensively on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology services with proprietary fleet management and booking software. Their goals align towards finding innovative solutions to problems that generally plague the logistics industry.

Let's take a look at what makes Motus One a premier player in the industry:

Comprehensive, planned logistics services
Motus One creates event-specific transportation services for events of different scales. They aim to alter the manner in which an event is viewed by offering novel and innovative ways to look at transportation problems in any scenario. The incorporation of their in-house technology, as well as Mobility as Software (Maas) development, truly differentiates the way Motus One works.

Motus One also provides services for construction-related logistics and event transportation planning. They achieve this by employing professionals to render competent and efficient services tailored specifically to the needs of their clients.

Motus One also specializes in industry-specific areas such as providing fleet planning or delivery consultation, traffic impact studies and event overlays, parking sequencing, mass arrivals and departures scenarios, and autonomous driving solutions.

Event-specific transportation management
Motus One offers stellar effective event transportation management. Integrating technology in their work, they promise to deliver efficient transportation solutions such as airport arrivals/departures solutions, internal/external venue shuttles, dedicated fleet systems, and overall transportation management for mega, minor, and signature events.

A versatile enterprise

Motus One has an extremely versatile approach towards logistics transportation and management. Owing to their effective management of large fleets catering to events of all kinds, including personal chauffeur services and special VIP protocol convoy vehicles, Motus One has earned a reputation as the MENA region's top logistics company. Infact, their fleet services can be custom designed to suit any client.

Founded by Dana Buchawiecki and Fahad Al Seyabi in 2017, MOTUS | ONE is making an impact in the transportation and logistics industry. The technological, research-backed, innovative, off-beat solutions that they bring to the table are slowly revolutionizing how the logistics and operations business is viewed.