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Director Chandoo Mondeti's Telugu movie Premam starring Naga Chaitanya, Shruti Haasan, Madonna Sebastian and Anupama Parameswaran has garnered positive reviews from the audience.

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Premam is a coming-of-age musical-romantic comedy film, which is an official remake of the 2015 Malayalam film of the same name. Director Alphonse Puthren has written the original script and Chandoo Mondeti has adapted it in Telugu with some changes to suit the taste of the local audience.

Premam revolves around the story of a teenager named Vikram (Naga Chaitanya), who loves the idea of being in love. The movie tracks three stages in his life and three girls he encounters in each stage. The movie has an interesting story and engaging narration. The film is high on romance, comedy and emotional quotient, say the audience.

Naga Chaitanya, Shruti Haasan, Madonna Sebastian and Anupama Parameswaran have delivered decent performances. The heroes' chemistry with the heroines is the highlight of the movie. Venkatesh's cameo is another asset of the film. Other supporting artistes have done justice to their roles. The film has good production values and music and cinematography are the attractions on the technical front.

We bring to you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Premam movie review by audience:

Muneer ‏@muneervarma

Chey mass entrance racha peaks #Premam 1st half super... comedy and dialogues are too good... Nativity ni baga adopt cheskunnadu @chay_akkineni #Premam. Wonderful 2nd half Blockbuster written all over #Premam

Manoj ‏@manojvalluri

@chay_akkineni @shrutihaasan 1st half is good .Chay did very well.. Shruti also beautiful on screen. Liked it #Premam Well backed.Eventho I watched it in Malylam,didn't miss the feel.Overall decent outing.liked it.#Chay showed 3 variations very well#Premam #Premam +Ve's~ @chay_akkineni variations & performance,@shrutihaasan, @madonna_s screen presence,perfect characterizations,comedy,Direction

Manishi ‏@endhuku

Just back from the premiere of #Premam. Only one word! This will be a blockbuster of 2016. Chay is here to stay for long time!

DileepKumar ‏@dileep_dharwad

Half a way through #Premam. Clean performance by everyone. Especially @chay_akkineni & @shrutihaasan done on their own style.

RomanReigns ‏@Vip121822

Strictly avg 1st half. Everything is ok except chai. He ruined everything with his terrible exprsns. I already lost hopes on d movie #Premam

Superstar's Superfan ‏@anurag_i_am

Chay attitude.. Venky dailogues , whistles #Premam. Bagundi movie.. 1st half #Premam

Pooja Mahesh ‏@PoojaDaPrincess

Venky soooper #Premam is nice! but lacks emotion in Sruthi's thread - dissatisfactory. other than that, no complaints.

Nayeem ‏@sparrow168

Vikram-Sitara chemistry worked out on par with original or slight better #Premam @chay_akkineni @shrutihaasan

Shaik Ansarbasha ‏@SAnsarbasha

Ok first half . No Quality # premam Watchable movie #Premam .

Bossu ‏@ursmahe_p

@ursmahe_p good first half #Premam..@chay_akkineni super second half hittu cinema #Premam malare episode koncham bagunte pedda range ayedi. hittu cinema overall @chay_akkineni congos bro..

Manishi ‏@endhuku

Telugu version is much much much better than Malayalam #Premam. Nivin Pauly doesn't even come close to Naga Chaitanya. An aged actress does not want her popularity to fade away and can go to any extent to remain popular.

Suhel ‏@suhelsyed

#Premam is gud..full marks to chandu mondeti,karthik ghattamaneni,gopi sundar..was expecting a rod but thanks izzath teeyaledu :D

Jay ‏@vijjussmile

#premam showing mass elevations & humour on screen, telugu directors rocks any day m/ :thighslap. #premam strong emotions,slow pace ,more feelings--> malyalam premam simple humor, good pace, lite emotions just like wave in sea --> telugu

AryaAjay ¶DJ¶ ‏@AryaAjay8121

#Premam 1st Half Completed Chaithu acting @chay_akkineni

SrAvaNi LaKsHmI ‏@SravaniSayz

#Premam Telugu is a nice film about love.. @chay_akkineni at his best as 10th class student , college student n chef.. #Premam @chay_akkineni's career best performances.. OMG whattey performance. Finally loved the movie #Premam @chay_akkineni

Sanjay ‏@sanjay2akshay

#Premam Done with 1st half cool and refreshing Thumbs UP #Premam apart from the lead actors the supporting cast has also done a fantastic job Brahmaji Chai friends One liners are cool Venky's cameo is a big plus and for those comparing with the original this particular bit scores by miles Rocking 2 minute bit

SatSpa ‏@Satya_Spandana

#Premam : A beautiful rendering of a movie into a remake. Fun, Love and emotions. Worth it. #Chandoo @chay_akkineni . You have done a great job . I hope this will be a milestone of your journey and you meet many more. ☺ #Premam

Aravind ‏@aravindcherry

#Premam 1st half parledhu liked it.. . NC 1st love story lo acting dog run.. sruthi Hassan episode Bhaga chesadu Venky scene super #Premam

Sanjay ‏@sanjayboni

Done with #premam good first half, excellent second half can't take eyes from @chay_akkineni simply superb

Kumar :) ‏@MSKumar143

#Premam Attitude, humor, emotional "vikram vatsalya" ga adaragottesadu..CHAY all the way..dir chandu chala neat ga tisaav man sithara #Premam suma, sithara stories too good..sindhu track bad.. songs on screen big plus & photography fantastic..overall ga good watch

NAG ‏@nag4ever

Interval.. Chay Chay Chay Chay Kummi dobbadu..Chay Premam 1st half HIT movie.. Chay simply superb..screen presence,dilogue delivery,expressions Anni vishaya llo Chay #Premam Screenpresence,acting,dilogue modulation Chay ni criticise chese Naa lanti Nagfansni Bata Cheppu teesukuni Mari kottadu Chay happy #Premam

Sarkar ‏@Sandsofthetime

#Premam Beautiful journey @chay_akkineni you are at your handsome best ⚘improvised acting yet your looks stole hearts

Suneeth.. ‏@suneethmbbs

#Premam the scene wer he gets 2 leave sitara..perfect portrayal of shock pain nd grief @chay_akkineni from better to the best.very touching. #Premam the true hero chandoo mondeti...hatsoff sir.this is the best a fan can give to his hero and his cofans. Star director now congos..