Preity Zinta, Tusshar Kapoor
Preity Zinta, Tusshar KapoorTwitter

If there's one show where Bollywood celebrities be at their candid self and go on reveal intimate details about their personal lives or their co-stars which you probably might have never heard before. But the chat show is also known for its controversial nature which often pulls celebrities into trouble. And of all the snarky comments made on the show, Tusshar Kapoor making Preity Zinta synonymous with Botox remains the most obnoxious one.

It was the finale episode of Koffee With Karan season 3 which saw the Kapoor siblings - Tusshar and Ekta - gracing the Koffee couch for the first time on a chat show. There was so much excitement and enthusiasm between the Kapoor siblings that they decided to be at their candid best while answering the rapid fire round with host Karan Johar to claim their winning hamper.

While Tusshar, as blunt as he can be, was all in to unfold the apparent untold secrets about celebrities, the usually fierce Ekta seemed a bit guarded and composed during the rapid fire. And as we know that Karan has the ability to churn out deep hidden secrets out of his guests, Tusshar totally fell for it and almost landed himself in a big controversy.

When Karan asked Tusshar which actress who he thinks would be synonymous with Botox, pat came his reply, Preity Zinta which even surprised KJo and Ekta as well.

Tusshar's statement became one of the hot topics of discussion as it had raised questions about Preity undergoing an apparent cosmetic surgery. When the actor was contacted to shed some light on his remark on the dimpled actress, he told Mumbai Mirror, "Oh god. Is this going to become a controversy? Everyone knows that Karan's rapid fire round is just for laughs. You don't mean it, nor do you have time to think about your answers, when Karan puts you on the spot. I've loved Preity since the time I saw her in Soldier. Recently I saw her pictures in a magazine where she had lost oodles of weight and was looking stunning. When Karan asked the question, Preity's name just came up in spur of the moment. There's nothing more to it."

At that moment, many people had anticipated that Preity would file a complaint against Tusshar for making derogatory remarks against her. The actress, luckily, didn't pay heed to Tusshar's statement and the fire that broke out of the controversy, doused out naturally.