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Director Prashanth Varma has responded to criticism against the logo and motion poster of Zombie Reddy. He denied the claims that the movie is targeted against any particular community.

Prasanth Varma took to his Twitter account on August 7 to make an announcement about his third directorial venture. The director tweeted a photo and captioned in it with, "You know what I mean!" The statement on the photo read, "Is something scarier than corona coming at us? #PV3 Loading title announcment tommorrow at 9.00 pm Stay home | Stay safe."

A day later, Prasanth Varma tweeted the logo of his upcoming movie titled Zombie Reddy, which is produced by Raj Shekar Varma under the banner Apple Tree Productions. The director also shared a link to its motion poster captioned it with, "This time will entertain the hell out of you guys! #ZombieReddy #PV3 @AppleTreeOffl."

The logo and motion posters of Zombie Reddy have received a superb response and generated massive hype and curiosity about the movie. Talking about the response, Prasanth Varma thanked everyone and tweeted, "Thank you guys for the unDEADLY response to the title. #ZombieReddy."

But some people were upset with the title of Zombie Reddy and criticized the makers of the film for portraying a particular Telugu community in a bad light. Prashanth Varma has now responded to the criticism and assured that film will not hurt and he urged everyone to not misunderstand its title.

"The film is not targeted against any particular community. In fact, everyone will feel proud after watching the movie. The film is based in Kurnool and it showcases how the people of Kurnool successfully fight against COVID-19 and save the world. My first film Awe got national recognition. I'm confident that Zombie Reddy will being me international acclaim," Prashanth Varma said.