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CW's Riverdale had a lot of mysteries to unfold last season. Probably why the ongoing, just started season 2 had a lot to live up to as well, when it came to the layered mystery department; and if speculations and fan theories are correct, then Riverdale has a new witch on the block.

Something supernatural had clearly been lurking in the murky waters of the Sweetwater River and if you guessed that is has to do with that epic plunge of Cheryl Blossom into its depths, you're right. Cheryl Blossom might be a witch and quite possibly the string that leads to an Archie and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch crossover.

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Played by Madelaine Petsch, When it comes to the younger Blossom twin, we all can agree that the red-headed queen B is somewhat gifted. Be it at making an appearance or casting the metaphorical spell upon others in her presence – Cheryl Blossom has conquered hearts ever since her little experiment with setting fire to things.

And this is exactly why it is believed that if anybody should be the link to the Sabrina crossover, it should be Cheryl. The theory was first brought out by TV Guide writer Kase Wickman, who addressed this season's most bizarre event so far – Cheryl curing an ailing Fred Andrews in the hospital with the "kiss of life".

In that particular scene, Cheryl tells Archie "You gave me the kiss of life, and now I'm giving it to your dad." Just ONE kiss; that's all it takes for her to bring a person back from the coma. Plus the conviction in her tone just teases viewers with the idea that Cheryl knows she possesses the power to bring the dead back. And no, this can't be just a Cheryl-esque coincidence.

Other significant pointers that Kase sheds light on are Cheryl's signature style – with a brooch pinned on her chest exactly where Fred was shot on his. Maybe that's where the magic came from? Also the fact that when she and her twin rowed down Sweetwater River for Jason to escape, he was leaving for Greendale, the town that Sabrina is based at.

The other very valid point is the twin reference. Cheryl is a twin and as per Kase, the 90's Sabrina's clique was made up of witches who were all twins. Remember Cheryl's nightmare about Jason from season one where he was coming for her? What if it wasn't just her subconscious playing games of imagination?

What if Cheryl's power is setting fire to things and communicating with the dead and beyond? With a character that went stages of development and twists as intensely as hers did towards the end of Season 1, the idea of Cheryl being the spell casting sass queen that hangs out with the sweetheart Sabrina, doesn't seem like a far fetched idea right now

Riverdale's second season premiered on Thursday with over two million people watching the opening episode. Catch the season trailer here if you haven't already.

Riverdale airs every Thursday at 9pm ET on the CW network.