Actress Mehreen Pirzada is basking on the success of her latest film and Dhanush starrer Pattas. She was also seen in Entha Manchivadavura, a Kalyan Ram starrer, which released during Sankranti. This film hasn't received much collections at the box office and it is said that the production house is still coping with the losses.

Mehreen Pirzada

Sources from the industry have reported that the actress has misused the producer's money and asked him to pay money for things which he should actually not be paying. The actress sent all her clothes she was carrying with her during the promotions of the film to laundry in a five-star hotel. The laundry bill was Rs 50,000 and it was sent to the producer.

The point here is, promotions hardly happen for three to four days before release and a day after release. For this, one doesn't need more than six to seven dresses. Most of the times, heroines don't own these dresses and are given back to the production house or the designer studio. So what does one has to give to the laundry that she was asked to pay Rs 50k?


On the other hand, the actress even sent her spa and salon bills also to the producer. When she orders food from a five-star hotel, one meal would cost up to Rs 7,000. This is something that has left the whole team in shock. This is not the first time such complaints on the actress have been raised.

It is high time that makers should do an agreement with the actresses and actors that their personal expenses will not be paid by the producers at any cost. Also, the managers of the artistes should explain the artistes why producers paying personal expenses of artistes is unfair.