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"Bigg Boss 5" contestant Pooja Misrra had recently filed a case against an unknown person for molesting and sexually assaulting her.

Similarly, many other TV celebs, including Tina Dutta, Mona Wasu, Iris Maity, Pratyusha Banerjee, Dimpy Ganguly, Sofia Hayat and Shweta Tiwari among others have also lodged complaints of sexual assault or molestation. 

Check out the TV celebs who filed for being molested below:

Pooja Misrra

Pooja stated in her complaint that while she was in Udaipur, Rajasthan for a calender shoot, she was offered a drink mixed with drugs, due to which she fell asleep and felt she had been molested after she woke up.

Tina Dutta

In March this year, Iccha of "Uttaran", Tina Dutta was reportedly assaulted during an awards event in Goregaon, when someone, who won an award held her and pulled her towards him.

"I did not expect that someone could have the audacity to misbehave on stage. The guy was unapologetic and gave me nasty looks. I felt like slapping him, but didn't as he had come on stage to collect an award. I want to ask him if some guy does the same to his daughter/sister/wife how would he react?" Mid-Day quoted her as saying. 

Dimply Ganguly

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly's marriage after the reality show "Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" was one of the most talked about topics of B-town. However, soon after the marriage, Dimpy had filed a complaint against her husband citing physical assault and the "Bigg Boss 8" contestants are now divorced.

Sofia Hayat

The "Bigg Boss 7" contestant, singer and actor Sofia Hayat had also lodged a complaint against Amraan Kohli at the Santa Cruz police station in Mumbai, claiming that he misbehaved with her during the show.

Shweta Tiwari

The "Bigg Boss 4" winner and "Adaalat" actress Shweta Tiwari had also filed a case against her husband Raja Chaudhary over domestic violence. After nine years of marriage, the couple got divorced in 2007.

Pratyusha Banerjee

Pratyusha Banerjee, who is known for her role of Anandi in "Balika Vadhu" also lodged a complaint against her ex-boyfriend Makrand Malhotra at the Oshiwara police station for misbehaving with her and family. Following this, Malhotra had also filed a case against the actress in the same police station.

Mona Wasu

The "Miilee" actress had also registered a complaint at the DN Nagar Police Station after she was molested by a stranger who touched her appropriately.