Ever since Pooja Bedi has driven back to Goa amid the lockdown, the actress seems to have landed in some sort of soup. First, she was trolled and slammed for driving down from Mumbai to Goa with fiancé Maneck Contractor without any emergency. And then her complaint of the 'unhygienic Goan quarantine centre' and saying it 'simply cannot become an acceptable way of life' has drawn flak.

Sharing a picture of her hand stamped with 'home quarantine', Pooja Bedi tweeted, "Drove back with fiancee maneck to our home in #Goa . (He's goan. My home, car & business are all goa registered) The entire process of border control/ #COVID19 testing & the condition of quarantine facility was an experience that simply CANNOT become an acceptable way of life." While many ridiculed the actress for complaining about the lack of facilities amid such tough times, there were a few who even sympathised with her.

Pooja Bedi
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After drawing a lot of flak, Pooja again took to social media to share a video of the room they were quarantined in for a night before moving back to their homes. "There's a LOT of uproar about my driving to goa with my fiance who is goan! We went BY THE BOOK. Applied online 2 goa GOVT+ DCP mumbai/stopped at every checkpost/did covid test at GOA hospital & SPENT NIGHT in GOA QUARANTINE. Pl see video as 2 WHY I was upset about facility," she wrote. "I tweeted out of concern for the safety of others but all people can focus on is that a celebrity entered Goa," she further tweeted.

In another Instagram video, Pooja explained at length how they are from Goa and wrote, "Goa! its my home too! I refuse to be a soft target for embittered, jealous, fearful & narrow minded people. They should know facts... before they attack.!!!" She also revealed that her fiancé, Maneck, has his Aadhar card, passport, address everything of Goa and is a Goan.

Her second tweet has also received mixed reviews with many agreeing that such unhygienic places could give someone the infection and few reasoned that she didn't need to go to Goa in the first place.