Suriya-produced Ponmagal Vandhal is out on Amazon Prime. The Tamil film has been released despite facing opposition from theatre owners and multiplex chains.

Ponmagal Vandhal
Jyothika's Ponmagal Vandhal reviews are here.PR Handout

A Journey Towards Justice
JJ Fredrick-directed movie is a court-room drama set in Ooty. Jyothika plays the role of a lawyer named Vemba, who reopens a 15-year old case. The story is about her journey to justice which forms the crux of the story. It deals around the challenges that she face and how she fights to bring out the truth.

The celebrities, who watched Ponmagal Vandhal in a special digital premiere, had said about positive things about the film. Now, the audience reviews are out on Twitter.

The Jyothika-starrer has garnered fairly positive reviews from the cine-goers. Although it is a predictable drama, the director has narrated the story in an entertaining way with a message. It tries to create awareness on child abuse.

Jyothika's performance has been whole-heartedly praised by the audience and Parthipan's acting too is good. Check out the netizens' comments on the Suriya-produced movie below:

TRUTH ™: #PonmagalVandhaal is just an average film with an good 1st half and Poor second half. The direction can be done only upto this because of poor writting..!! .just an usual Court room Drama. Just worth of watching in Amazon prime..!

Lᴏɢᴀɴ ツ: Done with #PonmagalVandhaal movie! Definitely a worth watch movie Hundred points symbol No highs and No lows! Just went with a flat screenplay!
#Jyotika anni performance Another Good Content orientated film from
@2D_ENTPVTLTD Congrats to the whole team @fredrickjj

Film Exposure: PonMagal Vandhal
Most of us feel a good film is one with a strong message at the end of the movie. This tends filmmakers to make movies where the message is larger than the story. Similarly, #PonmagalVandhaal is a movie that has a larger message than the actual story.

The film had a very predictable screenplay as we knew each twist before it even happened. Right from the beginning you knew there was something wrong with the events that take place, how the film was going to end and what was Jyothika's role in the issue raised.

However, the predictability didn't change the fact that the film had a clear goal.The goal was to educate and raise awareness on Child Abuse. The film did not divert away from the main issue till the very end. It was clear, straight forward and hard hitting.

rj சேட்டு: #PonmagalVandhaal
Well made movie and holds the audience right from the first frame.
Interval is impressive. Power packed performances. Jo
This film was to convey a message through emotions on an issue that needs serious actions. As Suriya's voice over says 'Delayed Justice is Injustice'.It was also interesting and touching on how the film demands us to put ourselves in the victims position.

All praises for Jyothika who plays Venba, for portraying the character with ease and for accepting such a role.We wanted to see more from a very talented casting around her but more from them would have just diverted the film away from the main issue.

Friday Matinee: #PonmagalVandhaal - Average Court Drama which is predictable is almost all portions . Good Theme but a more gripping execution was required . Performances turned out to be good. Technically Ok ! Music also on the average side.
Average !

Ponmagal Vandhal
Jyothika's Ponmagal Vandhal.Twitter

Aleena Joy: #PonmagalVandhaal
Worth a watch execution of socially relevant subject with an abv avg 2nd half followed by excellent 1st half with a terrific interval punch. Could have made better towards end.
#Jyothika steals the show along with #Prathappothen.

DineshSankar || NKL_SFC: #PonmagalVandhaal -A much needed script at this current situation,hats off to Dir
@fredrickjj .Best debut film would be marked in #Kollywood.The way the pain of a parent being picturized is really awesome & hard hitting masterpiece movie,what a awestruck performance by #JO anniRed heart

prakash: Unbelievably Outstanding Movie
@Suriya_offl @2D_ENTPVTLTD #Jyothika triggered us into the scenes
@rparthiepan sir won our hearts at the end ❤ #PonmagalVandhaal

Jayanthini: #PonmagalVandhaal is a film which show cases many reality stories of children. Child abuse is one of the most common abuse that often goes hidden or victim blamed. Every child has the right to live freely and once the abuse is done it cannot be undone. A must watch film for sure!

Vicky ˡᶤᶠᵗ: #PonmagalVandhaal
A trusty and worthy movie to be remember and everyone should be learn Ok hand characterization and the plot makes the movie a worthy one.Don't ever ask for the story to anyone just watch it on
@PrimeVideoIN #fdfs

Bramma G: #PonmagalVandhaal Such an important court room drama with excellent performance of #Jo and legendary directors. Kudos dear @frederickjj @ramji_ragebe1 & the entire team for carrying so big to us. Respects dear
@Suriya_offl @rajsekarpandian
@rparthiepan sirs

karunakarsoma: #PonmagalVandhaal a must watch movie.
Every parent teach their daughter how to dress, how to walk, how to speak and whom to speak.
Every parent should teach the same kind of manners to their child how to treat the fellow Girls in the society.
hats off to @Jyothika_Suriya