What would be your reaction when you spot a swarm of bees right outside your window as soon as you wake up? Well, like the way most of us react, actress Andrea Jeremiah too was scared and thought of relocating it for her own safety when she saw bee colony outside her balcony.

Andrea Jeremiah
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Two Options to Get Rid of Bees
She has opened up on what she felt when she came across a swarm of bees and reveals about making calls to do away with it. Finally, she was left with only two options, either she could seek pest control help to kill the bees or learn to live with it.

Although the actress-singer was terrified of flying insects, yet she did not want to kill it. Andrea realised that it was important part of this ecosystem and killing is not at all an option.

Now, the actress relates this story with the present migrant workers crisis and reminds the government across the country of their responsibilities. How she narrated the entire episode should be read in her words. Check out the unedited text of her posted on Instagram.

Yesterday, I woke up to a swarm of bees right outside my window. I ventured out to investigate and found this massive colony of bees on the mango tree right across my balcony.

I have nothing against bees, but I don't want to get stung either, so I made a few calls, trying to find the best possible way to relocate the bees without harming them. Ultimately I was left with only two options- call pest control who would solve the problem by killing all the bees, or just learn to live with them.

Andrea Jeremiah
Andrea Jeremiah.PR Handout

I am terrified of flying insects, yet I can't imagine killing thousands of bees just so I can feel safe. I feel a great sense of responsibility toward these creatures, simply because they are such an important part of our ecosystem. If bees go extinct, we humans are next.

This story is about bees, but it's also about the migrant worker crisis in our country. If I can feel responsible for a beeswarm outside my balcony, how can the government not feel responsible for millions of stranded migrant workers across the country ?

The Queen bee is smart, she knows she is nothing without her worker bees, she needs them to keep the beehive in good working condition.

I guess we humans could learn a lot from bees
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On the professional front, she has a few interesting projects in her kitty that includes Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi's Master. Vattam, Kaa and Aranmanai 3 are her other upcoming movies.