Continuing her attack on Jyothika over her comments, Gayathri Raghuram has now slammed her husband Suriya's clarification where he stood by his wife's words. The choreographer-actress has called them "confused Hindus" and criticised the Ghajini star for failing to give an apology for hurting the sentiments of the majorities.

Gayathri Raghuram
Gayathri Raghuram.PR Handout

Brihadishvara Temple vs Agaram Foundation
She claimed that the Brihadishvara Temple in Thanjavur feeds more people that Suriya's Agaram Foundation. She wrote, "Dint realise that Brihadisvara temple serves more poor and needy more than his agaram foundation. ppl fail to see this. Hurting Hindus is humanity. [sic]"

His decision to apologise for hurting the Hindus shows his arrogance, as per Gayathri, who conveys it with this tweet, "to Hindus, leave it. It's exposed that surya and his wife is half confused Hindus and thanked DK DMK for support. Din't realise the comparison of Brihadisvara temple - ignored to mention that in his letter. They don't care to hurt Hindus. Arrogance prestige and ego over humanity.[sic]"

Gayathri Hails Dulquer Salmaan
Gayathri Raghuram has a special mention for Dulquer Salmaan for apologising for his recent controversy surrounding a comment on LTTE's late chief Prabhakaran. "Now dulqur Salman is bigger hero today.[sic]" she adds.

Dulquer Salmaan

The Bigg Boss Tamil 1 contestant ends, "like to say dulqur Salman said sorry for Prabhakaran issue even though if he did not mean it. He clarified. That's classy way. Surya's tweet - I can only see thank you to fans and gratitude for support. No sorry for hurting hindu's feelings.[sic]"

It is interesting to note that Gayathri had welcomed Suriya's reaction, initially. She claimed, "This clarifies. I hope it was done before. Before DK and DMK hijacking it as comparing temple bigger or hospital bigger. Never too late. Thank you. [sic]"

Suriya's Comment
He begins the letter with a Tamil adage, "Wind does not allow trees to be calm". In a strongly-worded statement, the actor says, "A comment made by my wife Jyothika at an award function long ago has been doing the rounds online and has led to debates as well. Jyothika has put forth the thought that as temples are held in high regard, schools and hospitals should be maintained in the same regard. Some people have been offended by this and equated it to a crime,"

"Such thoughts have also been espoused by spiritual leaders like Vivekanandha. Serving people is like serving God, and this is a belief that has been held in our society for a long time, even by people like Thirumoolar. But those who don't follow these writings or learning, won't even try to understand this," Suriya added.

Kollywood Celebs Vote: Suriya, Jyothika Cast Their Vote
Suriya and his wife Jyothika.Twitter

How did it all started?
A comment of Jyothika that she made earlier has created the controversy now. In the clip, she stressed the importance of donating money to hospitals to temples. Recalling an incident when she had been to Thanjavur, the actress claimed that she wanted to visit the famous Brihadeeswara temple. The following day, she went to shooting in a hospital, but she was disappointed to see how poorly it was maintained.

"I don't think I can say all that I saw. So a request — I have said this in Raatchasi too, Gowtham has said — that you are donating a lot of money to temples, painting it and maintaining it, donating to the temple hundi. Please put the same amount into buildings, schools, hospitals. It's very important. I felt very bad. I didn't go to the temple after seeing the hospital. I think hospitals are as important, schools are as important, so let's donate to them also," the News Minute quoted her as saying in the interview.