Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma during police interrogationTwitter

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma was grilled for three hours on Saturday by the Hyderabad Central Crime Station (HCCS) police over God, Sex and Truth. The police also seized his phone and laptop.

Ram Gopal Varma recently made headlines when he released his controversial short film God, Sex and Truth, starring American adult entertainment actor Mia Malkova.

Some women's rights activists protested against the filmmaker over the film. Hyderabad-based social activist Devi reportedly filed a complaint against him after RGV reportedly insulted her during a TV debate.

In her complaint, Devi reportedly alleged that RGV had portrayed women as sex objects in God, Sex and Truth, through which he was trying to promote pornography. She also alleged that he had released the film on the Web to avoid censorship. The HCCS police, who took the case seriously, interrogated the filmmaker on Saturday.

During the three-hour-long interrogation, Ram Gopal Varma reportedly told the police that God, Sex and Truth was shot in the US and Poland, and that he was not physically present during its shooting, as he directed it online.

The police have now asked him to appear before them on February 23 for further questioning. They also seized his phone and laptop and asked him to produce evidence to prove that he was not present on location during the filming of God, Sex and Truth.

"We have asked him to furnish the evidence to show that the film was not made in India. We will also check his passport entries," an official told Mumbai Mirror.

If needed, the police will arrest RGV. "We have seized his phone and laptop to ascertain his link with the film. If our investigation requires it, he may be arrested.... He said that photos of him with Mia Malkova are not from this film, and that they (the photographs) were taken when he had gone to meet her while she was shooting for another film," the Indian Express quoted Additional DCP K Raghuvir as saying.

Ram Gopal Varma is known for courting controversies. Several cases have been registered against him over the years, but nothing much has come of them. However, the police have taken the latest complaint seriously. The filmmaker, meanwhile, maintained his jovial spirit when he spoke about the interrogation on a public platform.

Soon after he came out of the police station, Ram Gopal Varma shared a couple of photos taken during the interrogation and wrote: "I so loved and was absolutley thrilled with the professionalism of the CCS team. I really feel like acting in a police officers role ..My request to all directors is to please consider [sic]."