Pokemon Shuffle
Pokemon Shuffle was released on 15 February, 2015.pokemon.com

Ever since Pokemon Shuffle has been released, players are having a good time with the freemium puzzle game. Also, Nintendo - the publisher - has not kept the game boring as it constantly updates it with regular events or tournaments.

As soon as one game ends, Nintendo introduces another. Recently, after the tournament for the Banetteite to Mega Evolve your Banette ended, the game received another new Pinsir event to Pokemon Shuffle, which gives players access to Pokemon Pinsir.

Pinsir is a bug-type Pokemon that players need to capture. Like any event, this is for a limited time and players will have to defeat and capture it between 7 and 11 May, 2015.

This event is a "new challenge" as Serebii points; players will be able to play it only once per day. Many have considered this as "cruel".

iDigitalTimes has reported that though players will be given 16 moves to take Pinsir's health, it has a low capture rate, annoying many. However, varying reports suggest that even if you bring the health of Pinsir to zero, players will get single digit capture percentage.

But many players who have managed to capture this bug-type Pokemon have said that the base attack for this is 70. They will have only four chances to catch this. It is better if players use Pokemon Arceus.

It is not impossible to capture as suggested by the Pokemon Shuffle subreddit page, where many were able to capture Pinsir with the catch rate of 13 percent or 17 percent.

One commentator suggested that he managed to capture it with a powerful team that consisted of Pokemon Heatran, Blaziken, Moltres, and Charizard. It took five moves to beat Pinsir with Moltres at Level 6 and the rest of the Pokemon at max.