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"Pokemon Go," the augmented reality mobile video game, has been gaining tremendous popularity, with players ready to go to any extent to play the game. 

However, players facing issues with the game or those wishing to report about dangerous PokeStops that they might have come across, can submit a request on the Niantic Labs' support page. Reddit users have pointed out that Niantic, the developer behind the popular video game, has updated the request form to include newer player demands. This includes the occasions when "Pokemon Go" players might want the PokeStop location to be changed from a pub to a shopping mall or a playing area.

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Here is a list of requests that players will be able to make in the form, before they send it to the developer:

  • Issue with Gym Battles (players have to input Exact name of PokeStop)
  • Dangerous PokeStop or Gym (players have to input Exact name of PokeStop)
  • No PokeStops or Gyms near me (players have to input Country, State/Province/Territory, City)
  • PokeStop/Gym does not exist (players have to input Exact name of PokeStop)
  • How do I create a new PokeStop or Gym (gives Type option, where players will have to select Business – Single and Business Multiple) (players have to input Exact name of PokeStop)
  • Report a Pokestop on my personal property (players have to input Exact name of PokeStop)

It is mandatory for players to fill in the request form their email address, subject, additional info/reason for your request, reason, exact name of PokeStop and address of the PokeStop/Gym before they hit submit. Latitude / Longitude of the PokeStop/Gym and attachments are optional in the form.