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Players of "Pokemon Go" have reported a bug in the new iOS update 1.01 from developer Niantic, which assured players of bringing stability to the game's Pokemon Trainer Club account log-in process and addressed the issue of full access in Google Account logins.

The new bug is not allowing players to play the game, as it is locking players out, especially those with a Pokemon Trainer Club account. This was initially reported on Reddit, and Motherboard too took note of the issue.

Apparently, the bug only appears to players who download the new iOS update 1.01 of the "Pokemon Go" app.

It was further noted that the "Pokemon Go" app is not even sending an HTTP request when it is logging in, which meant that "part of the app is totally broken."

Players were advised not to download the new update for "Pokemon Go" iOS app as it might take the developer days or even weeks to release a new update and that would mean players would not be able to play the game.

The report also suggested that though the problem that this update is causing is a "minor" one, this proves how a well-designed game can win even though the app turns out to be "sub-par."

Here are the patch notes for the new iOS update 1.01. The update has already gone live (iTunes):

  • Trainers do not have to enter their username and password repeatedly after a force log out.
  • Added stability to Pokemon Trainer Club account log-in process.
  • Resolved issues causing crashes.
  • Fixed Google account scope.