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"Pokemon Go," the newest sensation from developer Niantic and Nintendo, allows players to catch virtual Pokemon via the GPS enabled iOS and Android devices. Along with the fun and excitement, it has also led to certain disturbing and weird things to some players.

Nevertheless, the game has made Nintendo richer by $7billion and the craze for the game continues as it is yet to be released in the U.K., Europe, Asia and South America.

The game has fed the frenzy and players are perhaps ready to go to any extent to play the game. They are also said to have installed a malicious "Pokemon Go" APK file that installs a malware.

Reports have emerged that the "Pokemon Go" app might be concealing a "serious security issue" as players have two options to log in to the game, one through the Pokemon Trainer Club route and another through Google Accounts. Players who log in through the Google Account have reportedly been given board permissions to the linked account, The Verge reported, after Adam Reeve, a researcher observed.

The permissions were granted to read and send emails, but it was revealed that during the signing in process, players were not notified about it.

It was also observed that this behaviour was inconsistent on some Android phones.

Full permissions normally allow the application in question to see and modify information in the user's Google Account. It can also read the emails or track location history through Google Maps. However, the application will not be able to change passwords or spend money.