After almost a year, a big film in Kannada has hit the screens. Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna's Pogaru is released on Friday, 19 February. Nanda Kishore-directorial flick is an out-and-out commercial entertainer with an overdose of action and dialogues.

Pogaru Movie Review
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Shiva (Dhruva Sarja) grows up at an ashram. His mother and step-father hide the news of his father's passing away. When he realises the truth he becomes a stone-hearted person and starts hating his step-father. He believes there is no place for love and empathy in the world and becomes a selfish person. There is no place for emotions in his heart and like in usual commercial potboilers, he is not the kind of a guy who changes once falling in love. So, what is the story all about? You need to find the answers in a nearby cinema hall.

The Review & Rating
It is a regular template film made in a commercial format. There is action, sentiments and songs, etc. Nanda Kishore well-establishes Dhruva Sarja's character to showcase him as a brash and arrogant person. Unfortunately, the director's idea of heroism is all about hyper-masculinity and machismo. A big thumbs down for the way the female lead's character is treated in the film. Rashmika Mandanna, despite her limited appearance, performs well.

Pogaru Movie Review.PR Handout

The biggest disappointment in the film is the poor characterisation of the antagonist. It is quite shocking how a power-house talent Dhananjay accepted such a role without meat in the character. Sampath Raj's look like a weak villain and the foreign body-builders are wasted. Even Raghavendra Rajkumar's character makes little or no impact. However, Pavitra Lokesh and P Ravishankar have done justice to their roles. 

In the technical departments, Chandan Shetty's two songs have struck the chord with the viewers. His background is good. Vijay Milton's cinematography needs a special mention. The action sequences and dance choreography are good.

On the flip side, the content has everything, yet fails to hold the attention. It is a flat story without twists and turns. The run-time needs a trimming. Overall, Dhruva Sarja stuns the viewers with his physical transformation, maturity in acting, dance and fights.

Overall, it is a film tailor-made for the fans of action movies.
Ratings: 2.5