Poco is the most active in 2020 than it was all this time. Ever since Xiaomi spun-off the brand as an independent company, there have been some exciting things happening at Poco's end. After decoding the first video teaser, Poco X2 was revealed. Then, Poco India's GM, C Manmohan, said the Poco F1 successor is going to be launched next month.

While there were still a lot of rumours about Poco F2, the company shut those rumours with a single tweet on Friday. Poco India's official Twitter handle wrote, "it's time we tell you that the next phone is not Poco F2 but Poco _ _!"

Taking a hint from the original #PocoIsHere teaser, it is now clear that Poco X2 is going to be the company's first smartphone after Poco F1. Even though we know that the official unveiling of Poco X2 is not until next month, the final release date hasn't been revealed. Seeing at which rate Poco is actively dropping teasers about its next phone, we don't expect to be living under the mystery for too long.

Poco X2 launch
Poco X2 launchvia Twitter

Poco X2: What we know so far

Poco has surely taken us all by surprise by not launching Poco F2 at the first chance it got. The hype around Poco F2 has been tremendous and consistently grown over the past year. But Poco wishes to keep its fans waiting for long as it unveils another smartphone - the Poco X2.

There haven't been as many leaks about Poco X2 as there have been about Poco F2. Manmohan had confirmed that the next Poco phone could get a high-end chipset and a large amount of RAM. In addition, fans can also expect near-stock Android OS in the upcoming smartphone.

Poco F2 teaser officially released
Poco X2 teaserPoco video screenshot

From the leaks, we gather that there are two possibilities of how Poco X2 might turn out to be. Firstly, it could be a high-end device with top-of-the-line specs to compete directly against OnePlus phones. Another possibility is based on a Geekbench listing, which had confirmed the development of Poco X2 with features like Android 10 and a Qualcomm chipset - possibly Snapdragon 730G.

In both cases, we can expect the Poco X2 to be disruptive in nature, be it in terms of specifications or price. Stay tuned for updates.