Poco's global head Alvin Tse's "You will hear more from Poco in 2020" remark last December might finally be coming into effect. Xiaomi's Poco F2 has been one of the most requested phones and queries about its release have often gone unanswered or vaguely responded. But that could change soon.

Alvin never said 2020 will be the year Poco F2 will be launched, but his statement sure suggested that way. Backing that assumption is a leaked trademark application, which makes Poco F2's launch in 2020 a real possibility. But there's a hint of scepticism on the latest leak, which brings us back to square one.

Poco F2 launch conflicts

Poco F2 launch rumours have been circulating on the web since 2018, shortly after the success of Poco F1. But 2019 passed and Poco didn't share a single update on the much-anticipated smartphone. As 2020 has started, we are again starting to hear about the Poco F2's arrival this year. But as usual, there's nothing official about it.

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Poco F2 launch on the cardsKVN Rohit/IBTimes India

The leaked trademark application about Poco F2 serves as a solid proof for the phone's arrival. The timing of the leak combined with Alvin's statement gives fans hope to see Poco F1-successor sometime this year. But some fans remain sceptical.

The authenticity of the trademark application leaked by The Tech Guy was brought into question when some folks pointed out the name font to be different in all images.

Poco F1's success

Poco, as a brand, relies on the popularity of Poco F1. The handset was critically-acclaimed when it came out with Snapdragon 845 chipset at a time when OnePlus 6 was all the rage. The right pricing of the phone paired with competitive specs quickly garnered positive reviews.

Xiaomi, Poco F1, launch, review, price, specifications,
Poco F1KVN Rohit/IBTimes India

Poco F1's first sale in India registered Rs 200 crore-worth sale in less than five minutes. The handset was widely termed as the most cost-effective flagship in 2018. Through discounts and software updates, Poco managed to keep the phone relevant to many buyers who wanted a wholesome package without burning a hole in the pocket.

But the lack of a successor to the Poco F1 raised concerns that the brand was dying. The rumours were squashed with Alvin's statement, but the Xiaomi brand needs to address Poco F2's presence (or absence for that matter) in 2020 before consumer interest dies.

Poco F2: What rumours say?

Unfortunately, there haven't been a lot of rumours about Poco F2. But what has been leaked suggests the upcoming Poco phone could have a Snapdragon 855/855+ chipset, a quad-camera setup on the back and a competitive price range to attract the masses.