PM Narendra Modi trailer review
PM Narendra Modi trailer reviewYouTube Screenshot

The trailer of PM Narendra Modi, starring Vivek Oberoi portraying the character of the Prime Minister of India, was much anticipated. However, it turned out to be a complete disappointment.

The upcoming biopic of PM Modi has been the talk of the town ever since the first poster of the film was released. While the poster itself was not convincing as Vivek hardly resembled Modi in it, the trailer turned out to be even worse.

The trailer shows various stages of Modi's life and his various avatars. First, it shows his childhood as a tea-seller, followed by his difficult life as a "sanyasi". Then it continues to display his training as an RSS member, and his growing participation in politics, and a lot more.

While the representation of Modi's life story portrayed in the trailer is a different subject of debate, it is the treatment of the movie that is extremely unconvincing. More than a biopic, it appears to be any other fictional Bollywood masala film.

PM Narendra Modi trailer still
PM Narendra Modi trailer stillYouTube Screenshot

From Vivek's appearance to his body language and way of speaking, nothing matches with the actual PM of India. The makers of PM Narendra Modi have clearly given very less importance to depict Modi's actual mannerism.

If one can somehow ignore this loophole, it is really hard to be blind to the faulty treatment of the film. Not just the dialogues, a number of sequences in the trailer appear to be just inspired by some fictional nationalist Bollywood flick.

For instance, one scene shows Modi, holding the Indian flag, along with some of his team members being escorted by armed forces through a bridge. The scene proceeds to show Modi caring more to keep the tricolour held high than saving himself while he is standing in the midst of a gun-battle between the jawans and terrorists. Doesn't it appear little over the board for a real-life story?

PM Narendra Modi trailer still
PM Narendra Modi trailer stillYouTube Screenshot

In fact, the overall presentation of the movie is just like any other fictional film and looks nowhere close to a biopic. It is really perplexing to see a director of Omung Kumar's calibre, who has given films like Mary Kom and Sarbjit, gives such a treatment to the biopic of the most powerful person of the country. We wish the makers of PM Narendra Modi had taken some cue from the biopic of former PM, Manmohan Singh that was released a few months ago.