Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked four ministries to submit the details of the decision of various courts and the National Green Tribunal (NGT) which are leading to delays in the infrastructure projects. Modi has also asked them to make a list of these projects and losses due to them on the government exchequer.

As per a report by News18, the PM's instructions were given at a review meeting on August 25. Under the supervision of the Cabinet Secretary, four ministries were asked to organise the exercise. It is unclear what the government intends to do once the exercise is completed, but the PM's engagement and the Law Ministry's involvement suggest that a coordinated legal strategy could be used to clear bottlenecks in a variety of infrastructure projects.

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The minutes of the meeting read, "Ministries of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Railways and Road Transport & Highways in consultation with Ministry of Law and Justice should identify decisions of Hon'ble Courts, NGT, etc., related to land acquisition, forest or other clearances, etc. which are causing delay in infrastructure projects. Cabinet Secretary should monitor such exercises. A list of delayed projects due to such court decisions and orders, including loss incurred to the exchequer may also be prepared and complied by the Cabinet Secretary."

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The PM also directed the Cabinet Secretary to prepare a list of projects that have been delayed because of several public authorities and officials and highlight them within a week of the meeting.

The Cabinet Secretary should compile a list of projects that are significantly delayed and identify the authorities, agencies, or officials responsible for the delay. The list might be submitted within a week, according to the meeting minutes.